Circle CEO predicts $1 million Bitcoin price

Circle CEO predicts $1 million Bitcoin price

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has shared his Bitcoin Predictions, stating in an interview that he believes Bitcoin will eventually surpass gold and hit $1 million.

As the founder of Circle in 2013, Jeremy Allaire is a technologist and early adopter of cryptocurrency, long envisioning the disruptive potential of the blockchain. Despite the current market slump, in a recent interview with Insider, Allaire discussed his Bitcoin predictions, regulation of the industry, as well as his role as a so-called crypto specialist.

In 2021 Circle raised $440 million from investors, making it the largest ever venture capital round of funding for a crypto business. Along with Circle’s global expansion Allaire has expressed his desire for crypto to expand in alignment with regulation. 

Allaire noted: 

“My view has always been that if you want to make crypto achieve global scale, it’s not about trying to operate completely outside of the existing financial system, and it’s not about operating outside of the law. So I testified before the Senate. I was out there as a public face of crypto, and viewed as a ‘grown-up,’ so to speak.”

He also added that while he is not a “Bitcoin maximalist” he believes that there will be a million-dollar bitcoin over time.

As an expert in the field, and having testified before the Senate as a representative for the crypto industry, Allaire noted the ways he consumes information, stating:

“I consume a lot of information. I don’t usually read books about crypto because they’re normally out of date by the time they’re published. I rely on social media to find and access information. There’s dramatically more information than I can keep up with. I’m meant to be an expert in this field, but in reality I probably understand about half-a-percent of it – the area is expanding so fast.”

Allaire’s $1 million Bitcoin price prediction is also shared by American investment management firm Ark Invest. In its annual ‘Big Ideas’ research report published on Jan 25, Ark Invest shared their prediction for $1 Million Bitcoin price by 2030

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