A new bridge to harness the power of communication

A new bridge to harness the power of communication

The genie is out of the bottle. Crypto has passed the stage of having to prove itself as an innovative and value-generating industry. The number of countries, celebrities, funds and Brands adopting and building their own blockchain or metaverse solidify this claim.

Through this explosive growth, certain trends have surfaced for what makes some projects stand out and some wither away. Along with the usually expected criteria like market fit, innovation are all as true in other markets as they are in crypto, no other market has been able to capitalize on the power of communities until now.

The power that narratives and communities have in crypto are immense, one look at Doge coin’s Saga will tell a colorful story. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. The heightened influence of communities has also introduced certain worrisome developments.

Starting with influencers having immense power over projects they promote. Also projects trying to create relationships with these influencers, usually focusing on major big names and not regarding small voices with the same level of respect. This relationship has been rocky at best, as there is no set, transparent way neither for projects nor influencers to trust that they will get their just dues and the approach today is pretty much summed up with the phrase - “Unending communication vortex”. With many promises made from both sides leaving both parties and especially the project communities dissatisfied.

The solution

After seeing this situation unfold Ryan and Atif the founders of Protokol have decided to evolve the way these project-influencer relationships are formed and how they are optimized for community success.

Protokol is a solution that creates a transparent bridge between projects and KOLs(Key opinion leaders). By using this platform projects can reliably ensure that their project will receive dependable awareness and KOLs especially micro - Kols will receive allocations to projects for their efforts.

IMO solution

Protokol is the world's first marketing launchpad. Introducing Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs) driving adoption by connecting Micro-KOLs to Projects.IMOs are a new layer of fundraising in return for marketing. Providing projects with value and allowing Micro-KOLs to be monetized with presale tokens.

Protokol is integrated with the major social media channels and able to scale to meet the demand from thousands of Micro-KOLs using permissionless token pools. Verifying Micro KOLs work through Protokol’s Proof of Marketing and settlement based on work completed.

About Protokol

Protokol is a mix of Defi and Marketing tech to bring about the world’s first Marketing Dex.

Protokol monetizes key opinion leaders, decentralizes crowd influence by utilizing token swaps through multi-chain token pools.

A Marketing Dex is a unique proposition providing advantages of liquidity, low cost, scalability, trust, and transparency; bringing about the debut of Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs).

The full roadmap and more information can be found on the project’s website

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