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What Happens When DeFi Meets Play-To-Earn?

What Happens When DeFi Meets Play-To-Earn?

Atari Chain has staked the future of its legendary gaming brand on the blockchain. More specifically, the Play-To-Earn gaming revolution currently unfolding before our eyes.

Their investment is not without good reason - cryptocurrency is enjoying a bull run, is an ever more common buzzword in homes around the world, and the fact is that it has not yet achieved mainstream adoption; all are positive signs. The foundation has been set for a trajectory that is only going up.

With an estimated 300 million crypto users globally - about 3.9% of the population and around 18,000 businesses accept cryptocurrency as payment. While these figures may sound significant to those that have been long-term crypto holders, we have not seen mass adoption in a global space - yet.

Should cryptocurrency does transform the world - and it is on a trajectory to do just that, it will need to reach a lot more people. So, how can it happen?


Play-To-Earn is what it says. Users of a Play-To-Earn game are rewarded (earn) for their participation and success in a game in a monetary fashion. Through cryptocurrency adoption, it is easier to build a global network for a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, as cryptocurrency is borderless and digital and 100%.

Play-to-earn gaming could be the sector to take crypto mainstream. And here is why:

Play-To-Earn gaming introduced gamified economics into an already extremely popular sector. Take the figure of total cryptocurrency users and multiply it by ten, and what do you get? The global gaming business. There are 3.24 billion gamers worldwide.

Take a slightly smaller figure, and the global number of mobile gaming users is 2.2 billion. Mobile gaming is the largest and fastest-growing sector within the broader gaming field.

Why is mobile gaming so important. Let's take a deeper look at some figures that might shock you:

  • 57.9% of mobile games played are puzzle games.
  • More women spend money on in-game content than men.
  • Mobile games' revenue was an estimated $76.7 billion in 2020.
  • About 53% of internet users between the age of 45-54 years play mobile games.
  • $0.74 of every dollar spent in an app store is spent on mobile games.

The Future of Play To Earn

The team at Atari is bullish on the future of Play-To-Earn because of these growth opportunities in the gaming industry and how they coincide with the growth of another increasing trend - "the side hustle" or quitting your job entirely.

In the US alone, 4.4m Americans quit their job this year, from January to September. This equates to 3% of the US labour market. The trend is so widespread, it coined the term - the Great Resignation. This has occurred while inflation year on year is at 6.2%, the highest in the last 30 years.

Add to that, one in three Americans indicated that they have a side hustle, with another 24% of Americans planning to start one within a year. The US is just a snapshot of a global condition. Once gaming is established as a viable source of income, this will mean an entirely new economy, welcoming 2.2 billion gamers. Add to that the open-source nature of blockchains and the inclusive, viral nature of blockchain economies, anyone with an internet connection on their smartphone can join in.

How it Works

If you are playing a game in the Atari ecosystem on your phone, you would have an Atari crypto wallet downloaded, which easily integrates seamlessly into your gaming experience.

You could then win ATRI tokens for successful gaming. To cash out, you would then swap these tokens into BTC, ETH, or BNB in your wallet and send them where you buy crypto to exchange them into fiat. As the roadmap continues for the ecosystem, the goal is to eventually do the entire transaction on the Atari smart wallet, converting it into fiat currency and transferring it to your bank account directly.

The Future

Any gaming platform or ecosystem not built on blockchain could potentially be at a severe disadvantage a year or two from now, as blockchain becomes an increasing part of gaming platforms in the future.

To learn more about the Atari Gaming ecosystem, you can contact them online and across social media below:

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