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Secret Society presents The Mafia, an NFT collection like no other.

Secret Society presents The Mafia, an NFT collection like no other.

NFTs have set the benchmark for this year’s hottest fad.  We predict the ‘Collins Dictionary Word of the Year’ will make a good showing in all the new year tech trend articles for 2021 and Secret Society is looking to be one of the latest NFT collections and will be a flagship of the movement.   

“We’ve been working on Secret Society for a long time. When we decided to launch an NFT collection we knew we wanted something bigger than just some cool art. So, Secret Society isn’t just the next big art heist, it’s a community with a rich narrative and a thoroughly imagined world. Token owners won’t just get cool unique art, they’ll also become part of the family so to speak.  Ice Pick Jack, Secret Society Founder

Secret Society also plans to launch a Mafia-themed online game to draw the community closer together. It even promises opportunities to climb the ranks of the organisation, just like the collection’s real-world namesake. 

Token holders will be encouraged to engage in the community and play an active part in its direction. There is a royalty wallet which will get a percentage of the royalties from the NFT’s, where the community comes together and decides where to spend the money.

The tokens themselves are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and there are 9,999 unique NFTs each with hand-drawn features and nine unique variants. The art comes from a renowned Cyberpunk artist and each of the NFT is based on the notorious world of The Mafia.

Secret Society also plans to host virtual exhibitions and hope to share the collection on huge screens from New York’s Time Square to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

There are also rewards in the shape of airdrops, prizes, and lotteries for Mafia token holders, but it’s not all about greed. Just like its legendary counterpart, the virtual Mafia intends to give back to the community. Each member will have a say in which good causes benefit and the bigger the community grows the more funds there will be to share. 

The public sale begins on December 13th, but whitelisted and pre-registered buyers can get in on the action on the 9th and 10th of December respectively. Follow this link, for a chance to be whitelisted.

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