Schrodinger Token Partners Announces Partnership with Pawthereum For Animal Welfare Project

Schrodinger Token Partners Announces Partnership with Pawthereum For Animal Welfare Project

While so much of the focus around cryptocurrency is on the commercial aspect of it, cryptocurrency is fast becoming a way for non-profit organizations to do their work. This can be seen in cryptocurrency being used for easy donations during times of crisis and with blockchain-based initiatives for the public good.  

One of these is Schrodinger Token, an animal-inspired cryptocurrency that has both a cat as its mascot and is also a reference to the famous  Schrödinger’s cat experiment. Recently, Schrodinger Token announced that it would be partnering with Pawthereum, another pet-inspired crypto, for fundraising. The funds to be raised from this effort will go towards animal welfare projects. 

Details About the fundraiser 

As per the official announcement, the purpose of this fundraiser is to financially support Cat Town Oakland. How the fundraiser will take place is that both the native Schrodinger Token ‘Dinger’ and Pawthereum will match donations made up to $25,000. 

Dinger will match donations of up to $15,000 while Pawthereum will match donations of up to $10,000. All in all, these funds will be used to find homes for stray cats in Oakland by supporting the shelter. 

While both tokens obviously have unusual names, their creators have been quick to note that they were not started to be internet trends or capitalize off the success of other animal-related tokens like Dogecoin. Instead, they were genuinely created with animal welfare in mind and this collaboration is in the same vein. 

As the management of Pawthereum says, “Pawthereumis a decentralized community-run charity cryptocurrencythat aims to help animal charities and shelters all over the world.”

One of the leading voices in cat welfare in the United States is Cat Town, which works to find homes for cats that might be overlooked and otherwise euthanized. 

“Cat Town's mission is to transform the approach to saving shelter cats, reducing euthanasia nationwide. Our focus is to find great homes for cats who are considered unadoptable in the traditional rescue model,” its management says. So far, Cat Town has been able to reduce the kill rate by the Oakland Animal Services by 70% since 2011. 

The funds being raised will directly help continue this work and provide support particularly for sick and elderly cats. Besides making donations to the cause, individuals can also sign up to become monthly patrons of Cat Town and support their work even beyond the holidays. 

The Next Generation of Meme Tokens 

The last few years have seen an explosion in the concept of meme tokens- cryptocurrencies that are based around memes or everyday concepts like animals. With tokens like Dogecoin and SHIBA, a lot of money has been raised and profited from investors.

At the same time, we are seeing a new crop of meme tokens emerging-ones that are not focused as much on making money but more on social good and community connections. This all goes to show that cryptocurrency, as much as it is an internet-fueled concept that is often made into a joke, can be used for serious and beneficial purposes. 

Tokens like Dinger and Petereum are just the start and meme tokens are well on their way to transforming the world for the better.

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