Minto Hashrate To Be Increased After Listing

Minto Hashrate To Be Increased After Listing

On December 20, 2021, Minto will hold an IDO on WeStarter, which is one of the significant Huobi ecosystem resources. With the help of this decentralized service, Minto intends to obtain new opportunities for the distribution of project tokens and to attract additional capital. WeStarter is based on the HECO blockchain (Huobi Eco Chain) and is one of the most popular platforms for the primary exchange of digital assets in the DeFi segment. This will be Minto's second IDO this month. The previous IDO on the Market Making Pro platform allowed the project to sell more than 150,000 tokens and get several hundred new customers.

The IDO is one of the most important steps towards the goal stated in the Minto roadmap. The Minto team plans to tokenize new mining power as early as in Q1 2022, increasing the income of Minto BTCMT token holders accordingly. Today, the project’s total hashrate is 50 PH/s, which corresponds to the issue of 5 million BTCMT tokens. Doubling the hashrate will entail the release of another 5 million tokens, which, in turn, will double the income of their holders, since according to the Minto White Paper, daily rewards are paid out from the project’s total hashrate, regardless of the number of staked tokens.

In preparation for increasing the hashrate, Minto DApp has already been added to the most advanced wallets - BitKeep, TokenPocket and Huobi Wallet. Partnering with the leading cryptocurrency wallets opens up new horizons and asset management opportunities for BTCMT holders . For example, BitKeep supports almost all actively used blockchains and more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens, and also offers a unique BKSwap service that allows cross-chain conversion of assets directly in the wallet. Minto is working on becoming a part of BKSwap in the coming days.

Minto is also announcing a listing on the decentralized MDEX exchange, which will take place immediately after the completion of the IDO on WeStarter. MDEX is one of the largest decentralized exchanges supporting the Huobi, Binance and Ethereum blockchains, providing sufficient liquidity for the successful operation of many digital projects. Please note that the listing will be the final event before the project hashrate is increased. The listing will turn the BTCMT token into a highly liquid digital asset that can be transferred between owners with no restrictions, bringing them ongoing income from staking.

The Minto team is pleased to note that it is precisely following the road map and fully meeting its customers’ expectations. Project representatives report that Minto will be fully integrated into the DeFi economy and utilize all its advantages and resources for the easiest and most convenient use by BTCMT token holders.

Minto is an international team that established a high-tech data center for bitcoin mining with a capacity of over 40.000 miners. Minto uses the energy of hydroelectric power plants, which do not harm the environment. Minto pays close attention to the energy industry and only uses renewable resources with a neutral carbon footprint, therefore all mined BTC are eco-friendly. 

Minto offers the shortest way to create savings for the common man, for whom traditional mining is already off-limits. Mining rewards from all the emissions are shared only between those who staked BTCMT from the entire hashrate. As additional computing power is connected to the Minto project and the total hashrate increases, reward payouts increase accordingly. 

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