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Little Baby Doge- The Altcoin We’ve All Been Waiting For

Little Baby Doge- The Altcoin We’ve All Been Waiting For

Imagine buying Bitcoin in 2009? Imagine investing in $DOGE in 2013? Imagine buying $SHIBA in 2020? These are dream investments. 

Now another promising altcoin is about to impact the market. The coin? Little Baby Doge (LBD). LBD has already attracted the attention of several large publications, including CoinMarketCap and CoinTelegraph, being praised for its innovative approach and strategy.

The biggest issue with current altcoins is they’re solely designed around money. A way for investors (especially whales) to invest early, win big, and then pull their money out. This leaves late investors with little to no profit and the coin itself without purpose. As a result, the majority of altcoins fail to take off. LBD is aiming to change this by creating an altcoin with real purpose. Should it be successful, the project could set a new benchmark for future coins. 

So, what’s got everyone so excited?

Promising Tokenomics


The Little Baby Doge team has implemented a buyback feature to limit large price fluctuations. 6% of each sale will be taxed, which will help to increase the market value of the remaining tokens. Furthermore, this feature will also limit whale manipulation in the market. With a high tax on sales, whales should be discouraged from selling large amounts of the currency. 


Every token that is bought back will immediately be burnt. This will automatically increase the price per token every time a sale is made. Should a whale choose to sell their tokens, the overall price will still increase. 

Holder Rewards

The LBD team wants to focus the token on the community. To do this, holders are rewarded using instant auto-staking of 2% of the transaction volume. They can also monitor the growth of their holdings in real-time, making it easier to profit from their investment. 

Unique Community 

The community behind LBD is one of the most unique in the entire crypto industry. This is partly due to the message behind the cryptocurrency: to make the world a better place. Most communities are built around profits. Everyone that gets involved does so to make more money. Investing in LBD is more than just money. It’s about saving the planet by supporting global warming initiatives. As a result, it’s attracted a community of climate orientated investors, who want to make money and simultaneously support the future of the planet. The current community themselves are very engaged. They’re continuously making funny memes (one of which included Elon), discussing new initiatives they can support, and welcoming new members. All before the cryptocurrency has even launched. 

Charity Support

Before the launch of LBD, the development team wanted to show just how serious they are about supporting charities. Having already stated they plan to donate 1% of each sale to charity, they have gone one step further and set up a fundraiser for is a leading water charity that aims to support 771 million people who live without water and 1.7 billion who lack access to a toilet. In only a few weeks, the community behind LBD reached their goal of $20,000. Every $25 from this donation will be able to provide a whole family with life-changing access to safe water and sanitation.

A Cryptocurrency Joining The Fight Against Climate Change

This is what Little Baby Doge something more than just another cryptocurrency. At the moment, most altcoins lack a real purpose. Some are memes. Some are just fun (such as the Karen token). Some are made for profit. But all have one issue. They lack an underlying mission to drive their community. Once their value goes up, most investors pull out to make a profit, causing the currency to crash. However, LBD has a greater purpose. They aim to support our fight against climate change.

At the UN Climate Change Conference this year, global governments failed to find a way to limit warming to 1.5 C by 2030. A temperature that scientists say will have catastrophic effects. In fact, they believed temperatures could rise as high as 2.4 C by 2030. This will exacerbate several issues, including ocean acidification, rising sea levels, and biodiversity loss not seen since the last mass extinction. The LBD team believes they can fight back with the help of cryptocurrency. By utilizing the power of memecoins and in particular, the attention they attract, they believe they can bring more awareness towards climate change whilst providing financial support for charities and solutions. 

The team is taking a somewhat different approach to what has been tried in the past. Instead of focusing on the consequences of climate change, they want to bring an element of fun to supporting climate change charities. They believe that by using this new approach, they can capture the attention of crypto enthusiasts who may not otherwise be interested in offering their support.

At the same time, they’re also looking to attract current climate change supporters by teaming up with several top activists. These include Leonardo DiCaprio and Greta Thunberg, both of which will help bring additional awareness to the project and what it aims to do. With these influencers, LBD is planning to launch several DeFi campaigns throughout their ecosystem. These campaigns will help provide financial support to climate change projects and bring additional awareness to less known activists. 

Little Baby Doge Had A Huge Launch

With so much to offer and a booming community behind it, the launch of Little Baby Doge was a huge success. On the 27th November the token launched and hit an all-time high of 0.000000007938. With almost 5k holders, the token’s market capitalization quickly rose to $4m. Now a long term roadmap is in place to continue the success of its launch. Big plans are in place to increase the marketing of the project to ensure LBD is recognised on a global scale. As the success of the project continues to grow, so will the altcoins efforts to support more charities, making this one of the most exciting new altcoins in the crypto market. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice