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Decentralized exchanges are growing fast amongst crypto. Learn about MilkyWayEx

Decentralized exchanges are growing fast amongst crypto. Learn about MilkyWayEx

How do you up your chances in the DeFi sphere? Check this out

While the globally known centralizes exchanges (CEX) like Binance, Coinbase and dominate the Bitcoin trading activity, their decentralized counterparts, the DEX’s, are gaining ground as an alternative. The trustless nature of the DEX’s is a huge part of the WEB3.0 movement, and will help decentralize the flow of data, helping you in maintaining your privacy and security.

MilkywayEx – the best of both worlds

A new player is around, and it is already rocking the IDO concept, turning it into a viable investment strategy rather than pure gambling. MilkywayEx is a DEX, so any transaction carried out is protected by the inherent decentralization of the Blockchain, while also offering the transparency needed to gain valuable insight into the projects being traded. 

This means that your trades are purely on-chain, and we do not keep any log over your activity.

But at the same time, we gather the most promising projects and token launches, so you do not have to scour the internet on shady sites, sifting through honey pots and rug pulls trying to uncover those gems worthy of your money and support. We take responsibility in our mission to become the most influential token on the Binance Smart Chain in terms of boosting the rise of young, solid projects. 

We have an ambition to be in the top three most popular BSC launchpads, however this is but a small part of our full suite of options.

MilkywayEx is about the community, and you will be able to utilize our native token - $MILKY - as a governance token, in order to get a say in the future of the platform. And the future is bright. On top of launchpads, we seek to offer investors diversified yield farming, chain-bridging and limit orders as well as an advanced analysis tool, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Diving deeper into DeFi with MilkywayEx

You can consider the entirety of Blockchain a vast ocean, where BSC is a massive island constantly expanding its mass. Around the island are trading hubs such as Pancakeswap, that allows for trading between tokens on the island. Along the edge are a few trading ports that allow for trading between the different Blockchains (Bridging). MilkywayEx is one such trade port. And not just that, it establishes a direct, easy route into the heart of PancakeSwap, allowing for easy exchanging between all available PCSv2 pairs, as well as hassle-free bridging to other chains, such as Polkadot, Polygon etc.

We consider this freedom, which is what you need to invest optimally.

Burns and taxes. Sounds bad, but it’s actually not..

Proof of burn is one of the most consensus and trustable mechanism methods used by a Blockchain network to guarantee that all participating nodes agree on the Blockchain network's actual and legitimate state. This algorithm is there to prevent any cryptocurrency coin from being double-spent. Proof of burn is based on the idea of "burning" the currency held by miners in exchange for mining privileges. Once a month, the whole MILKY buyback amount will be irreversibly incinerated.

And there’s a tax on transactions. I know this is math, and no one likes math, but you might like what the following math means to you as an investor:

Each MILKY token transaction will be taxed at 8%, with 4% going to awards, 2% to marketing and project development, and 1% to liquidity pool buybacks (2 percent). The rewards tax will allow any investor with a minimum 1,500,000 $MILKY tokens to be rewarded with the most promising and named BSC blockchain token projects presently. The choice of a custom token and the BNB-to-rewards-token reward ratio are both easily customizable. Milkyway will quickly expand into a well-known and popular crypto enterprise thanks to the marketing and development tax. A completely automated buyback mechanism will be used to keep the MILKY token price stable.

Oh, and there’s DeFi lending too!..

Trustless lending with no mediator: No one gets scammed.

Did you know: DeFi has the fastest loan growth rate of decentralized applications (DApps) and is the most common contributor for locking crypto assets.

In order to make money, you need money. This much is a given. Luckily, this is also possible to do on the Blockchain. MilkywayEx  realizes the utility of this, and allows for P2P lending between users in an automated, trustless system which will cater to the security for both parties. In addition, the lending protocol allows the lender to make money by charging interest. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice