PR confirms both Investment from, and Strategic Partnership with venture capital firm, Panda Capital confirms both Investment from, and Strategic Partnership with venture capital firm, Panda Capital

Coinweb embarks on its first Chinese-community focused partnership deal with Panda Capital

(Hong Kong, 8 December) Coinweb is excited to announce its latest partnership with Panda Capital, one of the most active and biggest research & community-driven venture capital firms out of China.

Panda Capital’s involvement will see them taking the lead role in opening the door to the Chinese market for Coinweb. Having the team and experience, Panda Capital will also act as the translator for Coinweb’s bleeding-edge blockchain technology, ensuring that the community is educated accurately through numerous social media platforms and activities.

“This partnership marks our official entrance into the Mandarin-speaking blockchain community, which is an important market for us” stated CEO, Toby Gilbert.

“We are very much looking forward to this collaboration with Panda Capital in educating and creating awareness of Coinweb’s technology to the mass Mandarin-speaking audience – a project which I will personally oversee.”

“We are delighted that Panda Capital caught this last strategic round of Coinweb fundraising and became their first China-based partner. With our extensive network and talents, we look forward to supporting Coinweb in its mission of expanding its technology into our communities,” said Fang Hao of Panda Capital.

About Panda Capital: 

Panda Capital is a decentralized organization that focuses on investments in infrastructure, middleware, DeFi, gaming, and other Web 3.0 applications. Panda Capital’s motto “Believe it, dream it, and build it, both now and in the future” 

About Coinweb: is a layer-2 cross-chain computation platform that began its journey in mid-2017. With an impressive line-up of team members and a board of advisors from the worlds of traditional technology, business, and blockchain, Coinweb believes they are solving some of the most critical problems that exist within distributed ledger technology today. 


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(香港,十二月八号) Coinweb 很高兴地宣布与熊猫资本的最新合作伙伴关系:熊猫资本是中国国内最具活力和规模的研究驱动社区与风险投资机构之一

Coinweb 与熊猫资本的合作将为之打开中国市场的大门发挥积极作用。 凭借团队运营和管理经验,熊猫资本还将担任 Coinweb 前沿技术翻译官,确保将Coinweb的信息在各大社交平台与各种社区活动中准确传达给用户。

“区块链中文社区是一个不容忽视的市场,与熊猫资本的合作伙伴关系标志着我们正式进入到了在中文市场发展的快车道。”Coinweb首席执行官托比吉尔伯特(Toby Gilbert)说,“我们非常期待与熊猫资本的这次合作。希望能够通过这次合作让广大中文用户提高对于 Coiwnweb 技术的认知—我将亲力亲为,全程对这个项目进行监督。”

“我们很高兴熊猫资本获得了 Coinweb 的最后一轮战略融资机会,并成为其在中国市场的首位合作伙伴。 凭借我们广泛的关系网络与人才储备,我们期盼着能将Coinweb的技术延展到我们中文社区的这一使命完成。”熊猫资本首席执行官方浩表示。

关于熊猫资本:作为一个去中心化的组织,熊猫资本专注于对基础设施、中间件、DeFi、游戏和其他 Web 3.0 应用程序。 熊猫资本的座右铭 “相信它,梦想它,建设它,无论是现在,无论将来

关于 Coinweb: 是一个第 2 层跨链计算平台,创立于 2017 年年中。 Coinweb 凭借如出类拔萃的人才队伍,以及来自传统科技、商业贸易与区块链等各领域的专家学者,正解决着当今分布式账本技术中存在的一些最关键的问题。




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