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Verlux Seed Sale Continues To Flourish, As NFT Marketplace Template/Design To Be Revealed Soon

Verlux Seed Sale Continues To Flourish, As NFT Marketplace Template/Design To Be Revealed Soon

Verlux a Cardano based project is pleased to inform that NFT Marketplace Template is going to be revealed soon. Verlux, aims to be the biggest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace. The team at Verlux will be constantly working on innovations which solves inherent problems within the NFT ecosystem.

While most NFT Marketplace’s basically allows users to mint and trade their NFTs, Verlux is especially unique as its novel feature allows users to swap NFTs from other blockchain to the Cardano blockchain to utilize the low transaction fees, security and speed of the network. 

The Verlux NFT project has been garnering a lot of momentum since its idea was made public, the seed sale which will end in less than 48Hrs has been massively adopted as it’s filling up faster than projected.

VLX Token Utility

$VLX is the utility token that will power the Verlux Ecosystem, deployed as a Native token on the Cardano Blockchain. $VLX has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and will be used in paying Transaction Fees, as well Featured Listings in the NFT Marketplace.

Users can engage in NFT Farming by staking VLX to earn rewards in 100% exclusive NFTs. Ultimately, $VLX will serve as a governance system in the Verlux ecosystem, giving users the ability to make decision and vote on proposed features for the Verlux platform.

How To Buy $VLX Token

$VLX Token Seed Sale is live now, a total of 250,000,000 million tokens has been allotted for the seed sale. Early birds and Initial investors who wish to acquire some $VLX tokens at the seed sale can do so by visiting the $VLX token sale page.

A detailed guide on How To Join The Seed Sale for early adopters. 

About Verlux 

Verlux aims to be the biggest NFT Marketplace as they are on mission to bring constant innovation and create solutions necessary to tap into the limitless potential of the NFT ecosystem. Verlux believes the NFT ecosystem is still in its early stages and have the right team to ensure we improve its scalability. 

The team at Verlux will remain constantly innovative and consistently strive to deliver its powerful suite of services and more. Users should expect more innovative ideas to come from them as it aims to be the leading force in the NFT ecosystem with its innovative team.  

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Company Name: Verlux

Contact Name: Mathias Grunther

Email: [email protected]

Location: Walsall, West Midlands, UK


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