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UniX Gaming’s Partnership with Guide: on a Mission to Empower People Through Education and Gaming

UniX Gaming’s Partnership with Guide: on a Mission to Empower People Through Education and Gaming

From the outside UniX Gaming are all about fun and games but when we take a closer look, they are much more than just that! They enable thousands of their scholars in the developing world to multiply their salaries, sometimes enabling them to make up to five times more than the average monthly income of their home country but on even closer inspection they have even more strings to their bow. UniX Gaming will enable thousands of people across the world to access free education in courses ranging from English to Financial Literacy, no matter where they are in the world. At the core of UniX Gaming’s mission is a deep desire to harness the intersection of gaming, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to provide multifaceted life changing opportunities to people in the developing world.

UniX Gaming will not only be a play-to-earn platform, but it will also be introducing a learn-to-earn platform. UniX believes that education is key to people seeking employment opportunities in their home countries or abroad. UniX Gaming have signed a full venture partnership with Guide, which creates innovative products and software that support lifelong learning, in any industry and at any age. Guide shares UniX Gaming’s values, believing that quality education should be accessible to everyone and of any age group. Guide has created a range of products that have enhanced the educational experience online for people globally. UniX was motivated to secure a strategic partnership with Guide because they recognised that Guide would support and accelerate their aim of providing education to people in the developing world. UniX and Guide share a mission to spread and improve quality education.

Guide will support UniX Gaming in providing fully accredited English, Maths and Science courses to its community and UniX will team up with Guide to provide tokenised education to propel and individual play-to-earn games. UniX Gaming will provide courses like IELTs, allowing people to improve their English skills and apply to educational institutions or for employment opportunities abroad. These courses will allow people to create economic opportunity through play-to-earn and crypto while earning an accredited education. Once UniX Gaming’s play-to-learn system is launched, people will have the opportunity to purchase courses and access higher levels of education through UniX Gaming’s own token, $UNIX. UniX is aiming to make some serious impact not just in the gaming arena, but in peoples’ lives in the developing world.

Guide is the Netflix of education. The range of software that it has developed makes it obvious that this strategic partnership will allow UniX to expand its mission and help people all over the world. Guide’s software includes a unique bespoke teacher development portal that any school can create, allowing educators globally to share their own resources and any other expert knowledge from the web. Guide has also created a teacher development software, designed for educational staff. The product includes more than 3,000 videos covering everything from the first day of school to preparing for more senior roles and allows for intricate feedback and fully developed evidence collection. Another software Guide has created include Exam Marker, which is an exam marking support service that allows students and teachers to perfect exam responses and prepare for exams in a research-supported way. These aren’t Guide’s only products, but you get the idea: Guide’s expertise and software and UniX Gaming’s mission form a symbiotic relationship.

UniX Gaming’s partnership with Guide is one of many more that will be announced over the coming months. Stay tuned, as they revolutionize the gaming and education space.

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