MONSTOCK(MON), Blockchain-based Investment Forecast Platform

MONSTOCK(MON), Blockchain-based Investment Forecast Platform

Monstock is a Klaytn blockchain-based investment forecast platform where anyone can predict the future value of investment assets and transparently determine the hit rate for each member.

Investors in stocks and cryptocurrencies obtain investment information through analyst reports or financial advisors. However, since it is difficult to ascertain the actual hit rate of the information provider as the value of information cannot but be judged based on affiliation, experience, or qualification.
Since the value of investment predicting information is not in the background of the information provider, Monstock started had the question of whether the value of information can be judged only by the hit ratio if the prediction results and hit ratio can both be transparently disclosed.

Blockchain technology makes hacking and forgery almost impossible, which by integrating Blockchain technology, Monstock has increased the reliability of information by storing all predictions in a smart contract and transparently disclosing them. In Monstock, information providers can only be evaluated as a result of predictions, not past experience or qualifications. Investors looking for information can easily judge the value of information only by looking at the hit ratio. In August 2021, the tokenomics of Monstock tokens (MON) were introduced. Monstock Tokens are being rewarded to both authors who succeeded in prediction and participants who succeeded in voting for predictions. The construction of the tokenomics provides the motivation for users to voluntarily participate in the platform. In fact, after the introduction of the tokenomics, the number of prediction posts and the number of members on the platform increased significantly. Tokens received as rewards are consumed when writing or reading predictions, creating a virtuous cycle and circulating through cryptocurrency exchanges. Monstock is scheduled to be listed on Klayswap, a Klaytn-based DEX, in December 2021, and has also passed the preliminary listing review on Coinone exchange. The service was first launched in South Korea, and it has become the most popular investmesnt forecasting platform for both experts who are confident in investing and investors looking for investment information.

In addition, Monstock recently passed all the smart contract security audits commissioned by SlowMist ( link inserted), a company specializing in blockchain security audits to ensure the stability of smart contracts. has also been verified. Currently, Monstock only provides prediction services on Korean stocks; however, from the first quarter of 2022, the we will expand our services on assets like cryptocurrencies and US stocks. In the first quarter of 2023, global services including multilingual services will be released. In addition, various expansion plans are being made to leap into a comprehensive investment information service such as issuance of hit rate authentication cards using NFT and cloud-type auto trading bots. As Monstock has been proven to have both competitive edge and stability in the contract, Monstock is a Dapp that is expected to receive a huge market response after the global service launch.

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