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Little Baby Doge x Support: A Crypto Donation to Fight the Global Water Crisis

Little Baby Doge x Support: A Crypto Donation to Fight the Global Water Crisis

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Did you know that water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself?

As per the UN-Water Organization, water is a very complex natural resource because it is linked to almost everything around the globe. However, the Little Baby Doge (LBD) team insists that this complexity should never hinder understanding and as UN-Water explains “Water is a precondition for human existence and for the sustainability of the planet.”

Little Baby Doge’s Donation

Prior to launching the project on 27 November, the team had promised to make a substantial donation to a charitable organization of their choice. This does not come as news to those that understand the Little Baby Doge project in and out, since the team focuses on using crypto to alleviate most problems associated with the sustainability of our planet.

The charitable organization chosen for this donation was for its unending vigor to rid the planet of any water-related crisis. News of the donation first hit the airwaves during their launch on their official Telegram channel where they hinted of the team making a substantial donation to They also added that the community’s financial support also went a long way towards making this donation possible.

The donation amount was confirmed to be $20,000 through a series of tweets from the LBD team. The team insisted in their tweet that this amount was meant to help the organization with their cause:

“To ensure everyone has access to safe water and sanitation – giving women hope, children health, and families a bright future.” acknowledged this donation in a reply to the tweet and pointed out that this $20,000 donation will go a long way towards empowering more than 4,000 people in need of access to safe water.

About the Little Baby Doge Project

Little Baby Doge is a hyper-deflationary decentralized buyback token, community-driven project that aims to reduce global warming by using the crypto ecosystem to wage a war against climate change. As per their website, their focus is on revamping the crypto scene by looking for new approaches through which cryptocurrencies can use to fight climate change as well as taking part in charitable endeavors.

Let’s join arms and commend the LBD project for their humble donation. As explains, we should all play an active role in ridding our planet of a water crisis because:

“The water crisis is a health crisis. Nearly 1 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases which could be reduced with access to safe water or sanitation.”

For more information, visit their website and socials:

Website | Twitter | Mail | Telegram

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