CryptoDragons Successfully Sold Out The First 500 NFT Eggs in Seconds!

CryptoDragons Successfully Sold Out The First 500 NFT Eggs in Seconds!

NFTs are the prominent technology that is taking people’s life into real-life applications beyond digital spaces. It is the new trend that has caught the eye of investors in the NFT world.

As a remarkable example of NFTs’ success in the market, CryptoDragons initiated a classic pre-sale of its NFT Dragon Eggs. Surprisingly, the first set of 500 Eggs were sold in just 10 seconds with a volume of 142 ETH in total.

The lucky users enjoyed this NFT Dragon Egg reservation. Thus, by setting a record, CryptoDragon successfully sold its first 500 Dragon Eggs. The Eggs were distributed in such a way with 498 Random Eggs, 1 Legendary Egg, and 1 Epic Egg. Along with a price list of Eggs as follows, Random Egg at 0.2 ETH/Egg, Epic Egg at 7 ETH/Egg and Legendary at 35 ETH/Egg.

Due to the rapid Egg reservation, some have missed out on their NFT Dragon Eggs and therefore are waiting for the second batch of Egg sales which is still not revealed. In regards to the interesting CrypoDragon pre-sale, an ex-pro gamer posted a tweet about the exciting sale of NFT Dragon Eggs. And worrying as he missed the chance to grab one!

 However, the rest of 9500 Eggs are still available. Join the Discord channel of the project not to miss your chance to get one on further stages of reservation.

Thus, it is a remarkable victory in the entire NFT marketplace to complete a successful pre-sale event closing in less than 10 seconds.

Furthermore, the reserved Eggs are expected to hatch rewarding the owners with special airdrops. More so, CryptoDragon is built with all interesting features which just hold the attention of enthusiasts into the NFT world. To mark out, CryptoDragon is governed through 9 interconnecting smart contracts for the creation of NFTs.

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