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Blockster Responds to Blanket Ban, Introduces Crypto-Friendly Content Platform

Blockster Responds to Blanket Ban, Introduces Crypto-Friendly Content Platform

Crypto-related ads have been banned from Facebook and Instagram since 2017 and 2018, respectively. This year, TikTok confirmed this trend: the most powerful social platforms of the modern media space are increasingly declaring crypto a topic non grata.

The Value of Exposure

Every entrepreneur and CEO knows that exposure is key to success. To sell your product or service, you first have to successfully market your product - otherwise, your business will never take off.

Indeed, as a result of the blanket ban, crypto projects found themselves stuck marketing-wise, lacking ways of reaching their potential customers, investors, or partners. Moreover, the aftermath of introducing crypto ad bans is posing an industry-level problem for crypto, hindering the development of the sector.

For this reason, the Blockster team developed the platform with a specific focus around content marketing to help crypto businesses market themselves organically, as well as through paid advertisement.

Content Is King

Lidia Yadlos, Blockster Co-founder and CMO, has coined the phrase “content is king and so is crypto”. Indeed, content making is the most powerful form of marketing. The platform is built around the idea of businesses creating organic content to boost their hashtag popularity and get discovered, while at the same time educating users about their niche in crypto.

Aimed at connecting industry professionals and helping crypto projects thrive, the platform has been working on a set of handy marketing tools and solutions, including Blockster Ads - a native self-serve advertising platform fueled by the Blockster (BXR) token. 

Blockster Ads To Empower Crypto Businesses

Imagine a self-serve advertising platform not unlike the one Facebook is offering, but tailored for blockchain and crypto projects? That’s Blockster Ads in a nutshell. Blockster Ads was designed as a friendly space for promoting crypto projects, products, services, and ideas to a wide and diverse audience of crypto-savvy enthusiasts, specialists, and professional investors.

You might be wondering: how wide are we talking? Just a few months into its testnet launch, the platform has managed to build a diverse 500,000+ user community. Blockdesk, Blockster’s native publication, has been attracting plenty of traffic: half a million unique visitors last month alone.

What drives users to Blockster is the unique opportunity to discover all kinds of money-making opportunities with crypto. It’s a one-stop platform with a daily feed of all kinds of money-making opportunities, including Defi and staking, investing, token sales and launch pads, trading, NFT auctions, play-to-earn games and more - and there’s nothing like it in the market.

Set to launch in Q1-Q2 2022, Blockster Ads will be powered by the $BXR token - the only payment method for placing ads within the platform. The company projects that the all-in-one content platform will eventually reach 50 million unique visitors monthly, which will generate roughly $400,000 daily  advertising revenue which must all flow through the $BXR token.

BXR: The Fuel for Blockster’s Engine

As Blockster’s staple token, $BXR powers all the handy features the platform offers. Besides advertising, Blockster users will be able to spend their tokens on free P2P transfers, staking, community governance, NFT marketplace and tipping their favorite authors.

But there’s more: Blockster has hotwired $BXR tokenomics in a way that will create more demand for the token as time passes: the more ads get served, the higher the demand. This creates tremendous growth potential for the token.

According to the team, it’s just the beginning: in a few years’ time, Blockster expects to reach 10 million users with 50 million unique visitors per month, and $43M annual ad revenue, all of which will be paid in BXR.

The Roundup

The launch of Blockster Ads is bound to become an important chapter in the whole story of crypto adoption. By allowing blockchain businesses to promote themselves, it will inherently allow the industry to grow.

In the meantime, the project is inviting crypto businesses, project owners, industry professionals, influencers, and crypto lovers to create their accounts on Blockster - and boost the platform’s networking effect.

Are you an owner of a crypto project, or a content creator interested in partnering with Blockster? Join the platform as a contributor!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice