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Atari Chain Introduces Smart Wallet and DEX to Bolster its Next-Gen GameFi Platform 

Atari Chain Introduces Smart Wallet and DEX to Bolster its Next-Gen GameFi Platform 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17th of November:  The entertainment industry is at a point where its survival entirely depends on the active future developments of the crypto space. One of the biggest challenges that we are facing in today’s cryptocurrency sector is the ability to control your assets without paying an arm and a leg on gas fees. 

To this end, Atari Chain has just announced their solution to this problem with two products. First, its very own Atari Chain Swap, a decentralized exchange and secondly Atari Chain’s very own Smart Wallet that performs with zero transactions, faster speed, and has more contract interaction than most swapping DEX’s have. 

Here is how Atari Chain’s next-gen DEX works. It provides a safe and rewarding trading experience for all users through its one-for-all token bridges. The DEX enables different blockchains to connect with one another on Ethereum making it possible for zero gas fees on transactions. 

It is projected that the gaming market will have a volume of approximately $220 billion in the overall market growth with over 3.10 billion players by the year 2023. 

Atari Chain Swap is a medium for users to swap between different token pairs, including ATRI, ETH, and FTM just to name a few. 

Atari Chain’s objective is to be the world’s primary gaming chain. It is designed for just that - ideal for smart platforms, action-adventure games and casino games as well as any other blockchain-based game. The creators also programmed the Atari Token so that its launch will be beneficial to others in the video game industry as it can facilitate in-game monetization safely and reliably. 

Atari Chain is a Decentralized Finance ecosystem powered by the Atari Token. The Atari Token is a cryptocurrency created as the utility token for the Atari ecosystem and eventually the entire interactive entertainment industry. The project aims to bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and the needs of today's users by leveraging DeFi and blockchain technology. 

The token eliminates the risk of transaction tampering, manipulation, or fraud while upholding consumer sovereignty. Moreover, the Atari Token will be used to boost creativity and innovation by providing a lucrative space for game developers. 

The cryptocurrency ecosystem already has many decentralized exchanges. However, most of these exchanges face numerous challenges, including regulatory ambiguity, limited liquidity, higher wait time, costlier transactions, etc. Atari Chain Swap aims to remove all these inefficiencies and offer better liquidity, more coins, and several other benefits, making it the most lucrative DEX. 

Atari Chain Swap is a next generation product that brings DeFi services to all users on the Atari Chain. The Swap offers the ability to trade between a variety of tokens starting with ATRI, ETH, and FTM on the Ethereum Network. All the swaps on Atari Chain Swap are protected using robust security protocols and will help users enjoy a new era of lucrative trading and swapping. 

About Atari Chain

Atari Chain marks the beginning of an era between the blockchain videogame industry and cryptocurrency trading. The famous video game pioneer Atari Chain intends to create a decentralized cryptocurrency that would become the standard in the blockchain video game industry. Atari Chain has already built a strong reputation over the years. Their creative gaming ecosystem is bringing both developers and gamers multi-beneficial ease of integration, security, and liquidity.

The platform puts together a large user base and merges different projects into a one-stop open and integrated token that will offer easy integration into games and blockchain-based applications to become the global cryptocurrency.


To learn more about Atari Chain, visit them below: 

Website | Reddit | Discord | Medium| Twitter and Telegram.

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