A digital bridge to social responsibility: ALYA Care

A digital bridge to social responsibility: ALYA Care

We did a research on what this ALYA Care is, which has appeared on many platforms recently. Upon relevant investigations we reached interesting conclusions about Alya Care.

ALYA Care is actually the name of the charity foundation that puts children in the focus of ALYA, a new deflationary token. Although it seems that only 3% of the total supply (205,000,000 ALYA) has been allocated by the developer team for this foundation, thanks to a taxation code added into the system, 1% will be deducted from each transfer and sent to this foundation. Hence, sustainability of this fund will be ensured automatically.

During these taxation cuts, the developer team will distribute another 2% to those who hold ALYA Token in their wallets, and present the Hold to Earn (HODL2Earn) principle for ALYA users. It aims to reduce the amount of ALYA circulating in the market by sending the final 2% deduction to the 0x000dead wallet, which has been used as burning wallet for coins such as Ethereum and BNB too. In this way, the balance of supply and demand will be provided automatically.

The ALYA Care project is placed at the centre of the ALYA project. According to the information we got from the developer team, the institutionalization of ALYA Care Foundation has already started in Europe. Another factor that impresses us is that the board of directors of this foundation can be elected not only from the developer team, but also from the people who support the project. In addition, the direction of the aid to be provided will be determined by this administration.

Although no official statement has been made due to the fact that the foundation has not been completely established yet, cooperation negotiations have started on behalf of the ALYA Care Foundation with institutions such as Doctors without Borders, RedCross, and KIZILAY. In this way, it is aimed to prove and document where the funds is spent through professional organizations whose reliability is not in doubt.

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ALYA Care aims to touch as more as possible children’s life that needs urgent Aids. 

Although cooperation will be made with such professional institutions, the entire focus of the foundation is set on children in need. While the children of families who cannot afford an eye surgery costing only $80 in Africa lose their eyesight due to financial deprivation, and they have to travel many kilometres to get 1 litre of clear water or cannot even reach the painkillers which we swallow for even the slightest headache, shifting the focus of aid to another direction has been left out of discussion for ALYA Care. Because the Foundation has adopted the idea of “Today's children are tomorrow's presidents!”

Another interesting point is that the Foundation does not accept any form of donations. The foundation wants the supporters of the project to earn and help only by buying ALYA Tokens and keeping them in their wallets. The question of whether “I'm winning and helping” came to our minds, and the answer is YES.

We congratulate the ALYA team for this beautiful project. So, let's briefly answer the question of what is this ALYA Token. We say briefly because the project has been developed so well that although it will take many pages to explain all the details, we will continue to examine the project step by step in the coming days.

ALYA Token is a BEP20 coin created on the Binance Smart Chain network, which has also the auto taxation system we know from other coins like SAFEMOON or SAFEMARS. 65% of the Total Supply is locked in Smart Contract and will be mined by miners in a completely decentralized manner over the next 5 years with the Proof of Stake and Proof of Active consensus.

ALYA Token has not been sold to anyone in the market yet. It will go on Presale on November 15, 2021 with the "FairLaunch" system, which is completely fair and offers equal opportunities to every user and does not give priority to anyone or any organization. The Presale consists of 10 phases starting at $0.10 and rising in price as certain number of ALYAs are sold. One of the most effective marketing method is “happy user referral”. Therefore, the possibility of an additional ALYA token to be earned from referrals has been added to the Presale (Referral Bonus). According to the information we obtained from the Whitepaper, ALYA Token will be listed on PancakeSwap after the Presale at $1 with a locked liquidity. 

The ALYA team has already had their contracts and mining systems tested by CERTIK, known as the world's best Audit Company, to show the value they give to their work. The token has already taken its place on the homepage of CERTIK successfully by passing the security tests.

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ALYA Codes and Smart Contract is already audited by CERTIK.

When we examine the whitepaper in detail, another point that catches our eye is the platforms that are planned to be developed. The platforms are namely; a decentralized Swap Platform (ALYA-Swap), a centralized exchange (ALYA-Ex), a wallet where you own your Private Keys(ALYA Wallet), ALYA AI Trading Bot and ALYA Fun project, which will include many innovations from the entertainment and gaming sector. These platforms have already taken their place on the roadmap with ALYA Token at the centre.

With respect these innovative features, the ALYA project has managed to attract our attention and has been the subject of our further investigations.

You can find all the details about the project on the webpage. 

We wish all crypto lovers a good day.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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