CSPro Chain Has Launched Its CSPRO Token Presale

CSPro Chain Has Launched Its CSPRO Token Presale

New York, USA - CSPro Chain is excited to announce that its smart chain token, CSPRO, presale has been successfully launched, and first phase is over. CSPRO is a token of the BEP-20 standard in the Binance smart chain network with a unique algorithm and technical functions. It was developed as a fully decentralized application (DApp). The main task that CSPRO sets itself is to make mining accessible for all people on the planet regardless of their place of residence and access to cheap electricity.

CSPRO's Presale

This Presale will last 21 days and it consists of 7 phases. Note that each Phase will last 3 days and the price will gradually go up. as many of you might missed the first phase, take advantage of the second phase price which is 0.5$ now

the token dedicated for each phase is limited and price goes up gradually as following:

          Phase 1 | 0.4 $ 1250000 CSPro token

          Phase 2 | 0.5 $ 1500000 CSPro token

          Phase 3 | 0.6 $ 1800000 CSPro token

          Phase 4 | 0.7 $ 2000000 CSPro token

          Phase 5 | 0.75$ 2250000 CSPro token

          Phase 6 | 0. 8 $  2500000 CSPro token

          Phase 7 | 0.85$ 3000000 CSPro token

Referral Code

The user will receive 5% of the USDT amount used to purchase CSPRO using the referral code and this is only for the first level. 

Airdrop has started on telegram already. Anyone can participate for a chance to win more CSPRO Tokens. Right after the Presale ends, 

CSPRO Chain will list CSPRO on pancakeswap exchange platforms in november.

Features of CSPRO token

1. Proof of Active: Proof of  Active or  Proof of  Activity is a  mining algorithm that represents the situation where the equipment for mining is turned on and active (i.e connected to the internet) to receive rewards.

2. Memo Feature: People using cryptocurrencies usually have more than one exchange account.  For example, exchange  A  has two members named  Mark and  Racheal.

Mark sends 1.5 BTC to his BTC address on the exchange and 0.5 BTC to  Racheal. Exchange A cannot know whether these BTC deposits came from Mark or  Racheal because it has one shared account for all users. That is why to differentiate  Mark's funds from  Racheal assets,  Exchange has to open a  separate  BTC account for each member. It requires an extra fee and a  lot of effort.  That is why Exchange users have to pay so high commissions to work on exchange.

3. Reverse  Halving and Reward Distribution: When the reward block is found in accordance with the CSPRO algorithm, active miners are required to sign the contract.  Miners must be constantly connected to the Blockchain network through a  mining program. To prove this,  they must do the signing process.  Signing is restricted to  300  blocks. Miners who do not sign  300  blocks are rejected in transactions because they do not match the conditions of  Proof of  Active consensus.

4. Green Mining: The Green Mining concept,  which is friendly to nature,  people,  and energy resources,  allows users to mine with minimum cost.  Users can easily mine without purchasing expensive equipment and paying high electricity bills. A minimum of  5000 CSPRO must be staked to the CSPRO smart contract in order to mine. And after that, the miner may receive rewards for  90  days.  In order to continue mining at the end of  90  days,  Staked  Tokens must be withdrawn from the contract and restaked.

CSPRO has an ecosystem that consists of;

          Personal Mining

          Mining Pools

          CSPRO foundation

          CSPRO Academy

Personal Mining: This is the action whereby users stake CSPRO Token into a contract and be a miner over their Personal Computer or virtual server. With a sufficient amount of staked CSPRO Token and a computer connected to the internet, anyone can do personal mining.

Pool Mining: users who cannot keep their computer turned on continuously or have internet connection problems can use this method. All they need to do to mine is to cooperate with other users when they stake enough CSPRO Tokens.

CSPRO Foundation: This is a non-governmental organization that will be set up for the CSPRO project to operate more effectively in the field of social responsibility and software development areas. The goal is to continue the development and improvement of the blockchain to ensure its development

CSPRO Academy: It is an educational program that aims to produce quality content by operating in digital media, especially Youtube and with university clubs, which was established to inform everyone who is interested in the crypto industry and to heighten their experience, whether they own a CSPRO token or not.


ICO Crypto is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. This is powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

and after presale. CSPro Chain will announce their projects road map, and they seem to have a plan to make it possible to use CSPro tokens in real life.

A brief road map is published on the presale website for you to read.


About CSPro Chain

CSPro Chain is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It utilizes a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency CSPRO, to facilitate programmable payments and open financial infrastructure development. As of December 2020, the network has transacted an estimated $299 billion for over 2 million users.

Don't forget that pre-sale has already started on the 20th of October 2021. As mentioned above; if you missed the 1st phase no worries you can still benefit from the low price in the second phase which has started ! the opportunity to gain more tokens comes when purchases are made within the early phases. and a referral code of 5% of the purchased amount is given in USDT.

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