Your crypto advertising options in 2021

Your crypto advertising options in 2021

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The year 2021 appears to be highly promising for the crypto industry, with a greater emphasis on reliability, innovation, and putting more value on cryptocurrency. To make a distinction over the years, in 2017, when there was the big spike, the main focus was on ICO while gambling away fortunes in the hopes of becoming rich.

But that's not all; 2017 brought with it a slew of issues that have lingered into 2018. It's all about the digital advertising giants who have been prohibited from running cryptocurrency adverts.

Yet, they have begun reconsidering their position, progressively allowing crypto projects to access their ads platforms. And 2021 seems to be the pinnacle of these changes.

Promoting a crypto project

There is a lot to say about the importance of advertising in the crypto market. 

The truth is that for cryptocurrency, advertising is a means by which new projects thrive. 

Advertising aids small businesses in growing, being known, and making progress. Many individuals might not have heard about many crypto platforms if not for the ads.

When it comes to advertising in the crypto space, the main focus is on display ads, native ads, press releases, and custom buttons within niche apps and websites. 

In short, we're talking about everything that catches people's attention and motivates them to click and take action, and it's working.

And thanks to the reviewed advertising policies, crypto advertisers have more ways to approach the market.

Using Mainstream ads platform

When it comes to the platforms that have been impacted, primarily the big businesses are still highly regulated. The fact is that gambling away one's fortune in the hopes of becoming wealthy has affected many areas. 

The focus shifted to advertising because there have been a lot of ICOs and a lot of ads about them.

As the year progressed from 2017, changes were made, but let's see what they allow people to do in advertising.

Facebook Ads

Because they have strict restrictions in place, there are various steps to make any crypto promotion/advertising on this social media giant. Individuals must first comply with several restrictions before promoting cryptocurrencies, exchanges, mining software, hardware, and financial advice. The prohibition on ICOs and token sales remain in place.

Twitter Ads

People who want to advertise crypto on this platform must adhere to the Financial Products and Services Ads Policy. It allows people to advertise banking services, lending goods and services, payment solutions, securities, cryptocurrency exchanges, and many other things. Because it prohibits ads advocating payday loans, cash loans, ICOs, token sales, binary options, and bail bonds, which are all illegal in the United States,

Google Ads

There had been a lot of speculation about Google allowing cryptocurrency advertising, and it finally became a reality in August 2021. They began allowing cryptocurrency-related businesses and services to advertise to US citizens. However, the advertisers have to follow the rules and adhere to the restrictions. 

ICOs, DeFi trading methods, and advertisements promoting cryptocurrency's acquisition, sale, or trade are prohibited.

Using a cryptocurrency ads platform

The truth is, cryptocurrency advertising does not come to an end here. The crypto advertising niche has begun taking shape since 2011 or 2012. 

More and more crypto advertising platforms started appearing, but the truth is that the ones that stood the test of time only advertised the most reliable cryptocurrency projects. 

Now, with the support of crypto ad networks, there are some opportunities for ICO marketing to flourish once more and to receive the advertising that they deserve.

These crypto ad networks are solely focused on the crypto niche and do not promote anything else. 

Aside from that, several of these platforms have generated over one billion monthly impressions, and their primary focus is on crypto websites and apps. 

And thanks to the growth and development of the market, 2021 brings the crypto world closer to creating a better environment for participants.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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