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Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Touts BTC As Superior Inflation Hedge Compared To Gold

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Touts BTC As Superior Inflation Hedge Compared To Gold

Hedge fund manager and billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones continues to hedge his bets with cryptocurrency, claiming it to be his preferred mode of investment to combat inflation. 

BTC Still A Inflation Favorite

In a recent interview with CNBC, Jones has claimed that gold is losing the race against crypto as an inflation hedge and has claimed the latter to be his preferred mode of investment vehicle. 

“I do think we’re moving into an increasingly digitized world. Clearly, there’s a place for crypto, and clearly, it’s winning the race against gold at the moment. So yes, I would think that would also be a very good inflation hedge. It would be my preferred one over gold at the moment.”

He also spoke out in support of Bitcoin specifically, highlighting the need to learn the minutiae of investment by owning BTC. The recently SEC-approved Proshares BTC ETF fund also received a green signal from the hedgefund superstar who leads investment management firm Tudor Investment Corporation. 

“I think a better way to get in would be to actually own physical Bitcoin, to take the time to learn how to own it and carry it. I think the ETF will be fine. I think the fact that it’s SEC approved should give you great comfort.”

BTC Is Next Internet: Jones

Jones has been a vocal supporter of cryptocurrencies in general and BTC. In an interview with Yahoo Finance back in December 2020, he declared his optimism for the future of Bitcoin and predicted a $9 trillion market for BTC in the next two years. In the same interview, Jones also equated the Bitcoin market to Internet stocks in the latter half of the 90s, claiming opportunities of high ROI. 

Then in June of 2021, he doubled down on his support for the cryptocurrency, claiming that all investors should allocate at least 5% of their investment portfolio for BTC. He also touched upon the BTC vs. Gold conversation, saying,

"...Bitcoin has a $2 trillion market cap and gold's at $1,865 an ounce...Bitcoin is math and math has been around for thousands of years. I like the idea of investing in something that's reliable, consistent, honest, and 100% certain." 

Jones had already invested 2% of his portfolio entirely in BTC, claiming that it is his preferred mode of portfolio diversifier and store of wealth. He further declared that he would ideally like to hold 5% of his investment in gold, 5% in BTC, 5% in cash, and 5% in commodities. 

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