ShogunShiba partners with NULS for SCO and cross chain bridges, offers zero slippage decentralized exchange

ShogunShiba partners with NULS for SCO and cross chain bridges, offers zero slippage decentralized exchange

The Crypto industry is a dynamic industry and the innovation with captivating business models in the industry just doesn’t seem like it’s stopping anytime soon. Speaking about innovation and captivating business models, say hello to Shogun Shiba (partnered with NULS), a community with a revolutionary token.

Here is why you should not be missing out on ShogunShiba:

ShogunShiba starts its very own crosschain Decentralized exchange (DEX) called Ryōgae. Ryōgae is a term used by the Japanese to symbolize exchange and here is what you get with Ryōgae.

  1. A Decentralized exchange system backed by the latest P2P cross chain technology giving you reliability and the best trading experience.
  2. Zero Slippage meaning the system is built to prevent trading spillages (quite a rare feature to be seen).

The NULS partnership advantage:

The features that the shogun Shiba comes with doesn’t stop there. Shogun Shiba is also partnered with NULS (listed on Binance) for an SCO program meaning now you can stake NULS to earn shogunshib tokens. There are a lot of advantages that come with the partnership ranging from accessing potential investor pools targeting various blockchains in one go, access to multiple bridges for cross chaining tokens to getting integrated with Nabox, a cross chain wallet. The advantage with the partnership is a list that goes on but there are even more exciting things that you need to be knowing as a ShogunShib token holder.

Adding to that, the partnership also facilitates Shogun Shiba to build bridges with ETH, HECO, OKEX, KCC, NULS and NERVE.

Shogun Shiba is loaded with features that aims to make token trading more fun, safe, and reliable.

Token functionality:

The ShogunShib tokens are hyper-deflationary meaning they are built and designed in such a way to experience meteoric rise in exchange prices in accordance with the market’s dynamicity. To give you a clear-cut picture, the functionality is somewhat similar like Bitcoin, but only better. Quite the claim right, there is data backing that up.  

The shogunshib tokens also come with functions like BURN, AUTO-LP and STATIC REFLECTION to ensure the reliability in trading with the token. To put it in a nutshell, holding a shogunshib token means three things.

  1. You are always rewarded with returns for every shogunshib token that is held by you in your wallet (we will explain you in detail about this in the later part of the article).
  2. You are a part of a community base with access to Ichiba, a NFT marketplace that will keep you aware of the trends to help you make the most out of your Shogunshib token.
  • You are also a part of a community that dontes to war veterans and welfare of dogs all around globe.

Access to a marketplace that sells NFT’s that once broke the internet:

NFT marketplaces are an upscale trend in the world of decentralized blockchain and this means that if you are a token holder of any system, it is very important that you have access to a NFT marketplace and not just any other marketplace, but the best.

The Ichiba marketplace has witnessed the sale of NFTs that got sold at crazy valuations and with access to the ShogunShib token, you get just that. The Shogun Shiba NFTs will be listed on the Ichiba marketplace and if you are a ShogunShib token holder, you experience the firsthand privilege of buying the next NFT that might just score you a homerun (valuations on the Ichiba marketplace are sometimes so good to be true).

Tokenomics of the ShogunShib token:

Remember in the beginning we mentioned that you would be receiving rewards for every holder who holds a shogunshib token in their wallet? It is possible because of the smart tokenomics with which the shogunshib token is designed with. The distribution of tax is 3% rewards to the holders, 2% Auto-LP (to the one who is providing you liquidity for your token), 2% auto Burn, 2% to charity and 1% to the Daimyos.

Wait, we didn’t introduce you to Daimyo’s right, let us explain.

The Daimyo System:

The ShogunShiba community believes in respecting the early stakeholders of the ShogunShib token and that is why they have the Daimyo system. Daimyos are the people who are early contributors to the token in the private and pre-sales of the token. So, if you become a Daimyo by any chance, you will be receiving an extra 1% tax redistribution reward in addition to your already existent 3% reward taking your total up to 4% in rewards for every shogunshib token held.

Is ShogunShib tokens only for buying NFT’s?

Well, we would not be talking about the token this much if it is just for buying NFT’s. The value of the ShogunShib token goes way beyond than just buying NFTs using the token. Here are some of the opportunities to tap out with your shogunshib token.

The 2D NFT Game:

The ShogunShib token will increase its value especially after the much-anticipated release of their play to earn 2D NFT game named The Last Shogun. The concept of using the shogunshib as an in-game currency will greatly circulate demand and increase the burn rate of the token. Players can use the token to buy in-app Shogun Shiba NFT’s like Weapons, Special Abilities, Avatars and much more greatly increasing the use of the token. Game based crypto currencies have always worked wonders in the decentralized system and that is exactly what shogun Shiba is also going for. The Last Shogun will also greatly expose the token to a wider audience leading to more token holders and greater price per token valuations.

Reliable passive income generator:

The versatile tokenomics of the token is a great way that will help you reap the benefits of holding the coin. With return rates ranging from 1% all the way up to 4% and with increasing shogunshib token holders, it is a great source for a reliable passive income stream.

Access to Exclusive NFT’s:

Holding a shogunshib token means you have the access to buy or bid for NFT’s that are exclusive to the holders of the ShogunShib token in the Ichiba marketplace.

Be a part of a community that gives:

The best part of being a part of the shogun Shiba community is every transaction that is made with a shogunshib token, 2% of the tax redistribution is contributed to charity that takes care of war veterans and dogs around the globe. With ShogunShiba you get to be part of a movement that gives, and the same time rewards you for doing it.

Future of the ShogunShib tokens:

The plans to expand the use of the token across various streams is just around the corner. Ranging from awarding shogunshib tokens as prizes in highly competent games and tournament events to using shogunshib tokens in P2P battles, the usage of the token is just about to reach standards that you would love to be a part of.

With a versatile supply of the shogunshib tokens via the Ryōgae and Ichiba, you are always a part of a dynamic token that is all set to compete in the big leagues. Talking about supply, there is a total supply of 1 trillion tokens out of which 250 billion are already burnt leaving only 750 billion tokens available for supply. The features of the token is what fuels the burn rate to be so high and with ShogunShiba planning to use its 10% of its overall revenue generated from Ryōgae and Ichiba, the token is soon to increase its value and scarcity exponentially. Head to their website to learn more about them and make your first ShogunShib token purchase. The more involvement and the updates regarding the token is being actively followed up on their twitter and telegram channels. Feel free to join and stay relevant with the most upcoming token-based community.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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