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A Beginners Guide to Coinovy

A Beginners Guide to Coinovy

With the invention of cryptocurrency, and seeing it taking the world by storm in just a short period of time, has been phenomenal. As it’s continuously evolving, we have seen new use cases and technological advancements happening every day. However, the biggest use case for cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance is to uplift the outdated transactional institutions and provide users with a simple and safer method. 

The  largest obstacle in achieving widespread adoption is the lack of C2F models where users can easily use cryptocurrencies for daily transactions, with simplicity and without incurring hefty conversion fees. Seeing this as a major issue throughout the industry, Coinovy has been modelled  to simplify fintech by offering Crypto to Fiat transactions instantly and securely  with ease. 

Coinovy’s has a simple mission to offer simple, speedy, and transparent transactions and provide bank-like features without involving any traditional bank. Coinovy allows users to purchase, send, trade, exchange, shop, and cash out using their digital assets with ease. The platform caters to beginners and professionals alike and has developed a more secure, faster, and simpler C2F platform. 

Why Coinovy?

While cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade, there is still resistance in acceptance because of  the lack of trust. Coinovy  envisions to uplift trust and security for the entirety of the digital currency space. The platform plays an important role in supporting blockchain systems and offers a digital finances app that integrates several wallets to send, receive, exchange, earn and borrow digital assets. 

However, Coinovy’s interoperability or security is not the only praise-worthy feature. The Coinovy ecosystem is designed with the right approach and smart decisions making it one of the best digital transactional platforms. 

Crypto to Fiat with Trusted Brands

Coinovy makes it easier for users to use their digital currencies for everyday transactions. The company offers Coinovy Debit Card powered by VISA, where cryptocurrencies can be used to spend as local currencies at any location globally that accepts VISA. VISA is one of the most popular transaction methods for fiat currencies, and Coinovy brings the same feature to crypto space by developing Coinovy Global Visa Debit that comes in plastic and virtual avatars. Users can use the Visa Debit card to use their crypto funds to make payments at over 42M VISA accepted stores worldwide. Moreover, cardholders can also withdraw fiat using the cards at any VISA accepted ATM. 

Also, the company offers an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) that users can use to transfer currencies to Coinovy wallet and conducts transactions using VISA cards in over 150 countries. Moreover, the Coinovy debit card is linked with ApplePay to offer iPhone users a  more personalised experience. 

Taking security very seriously, Coinovy has partnered with BITGO, an industry leader in digital asset custody and security, to utilize its Digital Asset Insurance of $100 million to secure all user assets. While digital currency has a reputation of being prone to hacks and breaches, Coinovy uses BITGO’s help to insure all the digital assets in the wallet in the case of any breaches. 

Coinovy Comprehensive List of Features

  • Coinovy Bridge

Interoperability between BSC and Ethereum is an important aspect to ensure seamless cross-chain transactions. Coinovy has developed a Bridge that allows the users to choose the blockchain network for their transactions. 

Users can choose to trade on the blockchain that offers them the fastest transaction and most effective liquidation with ease-of-use. Coinovy wants to make traders' lives easier and the Coinovy Bridge is an attempt to that effect. 

  • Coinovy Instant Loans

Users can get loans of upto $5000 instantly by leveraging their crypto holdings and use fiat to finance their ventures. Coinovy offers flexible installments, instant disbursals, and a low-interest rate of 1%. 

  • Coinovy Crypto Predictions 

Coinovy offers Ai powered accurate forecasts on future trends of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects to help users make smart investment decisions. 

  • Coinovy Wallet

Coinovy offers a versatile wallet that connects several wallets and makes the process of transferring fiat to crypto and vice versa simple. Users can easily transfer their crypto to Coinovy wallet using a phone number or wallet address to enjoy simple, fast, secure transactions. 

Coinovy has curated a robust list of features that helps it to achieve its goal of boosting the financial uses of cryptocurrencies. To learn more about Coinovy, visit their Website and Telegram

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.