Geojam, The Popular Music App, Moves Onto The Blockchain

Geojam, The Popular Music App, Moves Onto The Blockchain

Constellation Network has been calling for proposals for those that want to build on the blockchain, using the Hypergraph Network.  Constellation, which launched its public network in Q1 2020, recently announced that popular music app Geojam will be its next incubation project.

Geojam is already a household name among music fans through its Apple ioS app. The app is a social music community that bridges fans, artists, influencers as well as brands. The discovery platform connects with all major music streaming platforms, and this move to the blockchain is the next obvious step for a platform of this nature.

Constellation makes it easy for developers and teams to launch on the blockchain, and it supports low fees and scalability for apps like Geojam.

According to Geojam’s co-founder and CEO, Sarah Figueroa “Creating unique and impactful engagement between music artists and fans is what we do best.” Geojam will also be launching its own native token JAM, which will help users redeem rewards and participate in various opportunities.

Figueroa added, “With $JAM, this is taken to a whole new level, as fans can now play a direct role in the trajectory of their favorite artists, while artists can leverage unique monetization and gamification strategies that are only possible with this token-economic model.” 

Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) and creating its own platform token, $JAM, which will later be launched on Constellation powered Lattice Exchange’s Launchpad. Geojam, rather than working on a classical advertising basis, gives itself over to major record labels to control, effectively handing over the reigns to the artists. It builds engagement through meaningful two-way interaction between the user and artist. The more interaction a user has with an artist, the greater the rewards he or she can collect. Going forward, all of this activity will be managed and authenticated automatically on the blockchain.

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