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Powering up the eSports realm with crypto

Powering up the eSports realm with crypto

Esports is the future. After getting off to a slow start, it has garnered significant traction in a very short period of time having emerged as a booming industry, rightfully so. It managed to successfully capture the imagination of gamers across the world. Unlike traditional ones, Esports is competitive and possesses an engaging spectator element to it.  

Understanding Esports

Esports is short for "electronic sports" and is played competitively and professionally by transforming online gaming into a spectator sport. Some of the most notable examples are Dota, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch, among others. 

Esports has come a long way from being just another passing fad. The idea of playing video games professionally is not alien anymore. The industry is real, growing worldwide, and is very much investable. 

Today, there are a great many gamers who have found employment in this industry and are thriving. Be it developing games or offering quality assurance services; there are several ways these professionals are making it big in the field of Esports. Some are working in games journalism, while others are into teaching game-related subjects at colleges and universities. Esports has opened up new avenues of wealth generation while helping people do what they love the most. 

Esports has seen a major turning point because it accommodates diverse groups of players while breaking barriers and promoting inclusion. To top that, it also has the capability of hosting numerous games. As opposed to the traditional counterparts, Esports does not burn a hole in the pocket. Accessibility is another factor that has induced the growth that we are witnessing today. Striking and picturesque streams have further added to its appeal. 

What was considered a pass-time nearly a decade ago, people have started making a livelihood out of it. Apart from battle-tested areas such as developing, testing, reviewing, or analyzing the games, there is another major driver of the industry- betting. Anyone who follows Esports closely will know a fair deal about the increasing popularity betting has gained.

There are two types of betting games - chance-based games, the result being strongly swayed by random uncertainty, or skill-based games. It is the latter that has garnered wider fascination since it enables players to bet on themselves or rather on their skills, similar to how fans or anyone else places bets on the player. OkLetsPlay [OLP] is one such patented real money esports tournament platform where players do not need to be a pro to win big. 

OkLetsPlay, Leave the loot, Take the cash

This platform uses blockchain to support its eSports cash matches and tournaments. OkLetsPlay is focused on hyper-casual and hardcore competitive PC, mobile and other games, and gaming platforms. It has a diverse user-base that spans dozens of countries and encompasses everyone from casual gamers and esports fans to professional teams, streamers as well as social media influencers.  

Despite the diversity, the main idea is to make games more fun while capitalizing on them.

OkLetsPlay's vision is to be transparent, user-friendly, secure, trusted, and attain the level of gold standard real money esports platform by amplifying the gaming experience for everyone. One of the best things about this platform is that it aims to support players, developers, content creators, brands from all around the world and create new and expand existing communities. It also aims to accommodate and support a community of compliant players of all skill levels and gaming interests.

What makes OkLetsPlay users hooked on excitement? 

OkLetsPlay prioritizes automatic match reporting, which represents the very core of its vision. It eliminates the dependency on archaic player-self-reporting of match results that may trigger disputes and mistrust among players. On the contrary, OkLetsPlay only believes in providing players with a challenge, play, and collect. 

While amplifying the gaming experience, OkLetsPlay also facilitates a quick, intuitive and seamless player experience. All a player needs to do is find a game or opponent, chat and confirm the cash match details, and get launched directly into the OkLetPlay game. 

It lets gamers get straight to the action. Players are just a few clicks away from embarking on a high-stakes contest on its highly scalable, highly configurable esports platform for players, game developers, tournament organizers, brands, and communities alike. 

The platform also stands out because it offers a patented out-of-game wagering module design. It has clear distinctions between game and betting functionality with easy bet placement, match and tournament entry, as well as, wallet management. The best part? Winnings are immediately transferred to the wallets of the players who are given custodial token wallets to secure funds. 

There are other upsides for the gamers as well. Be it boosting the stakes or building up gameplay intensity, gamers stand a chance to win big and get paid for playing video games. There is a significant amount of flexibility in OkLetsPlay when it comes to playing. Players can play with anyone and everyone for an indefinite amount.

For the influencers, streamers, and communities, on the other hand, OkLetsPlay holds the promise of attracting new followers, members whilst opening new avenues of original content. It provides a great way to engage and retain followers and reap profits out of it. 

For over 9,000 global users, OkLetsPlay has hosted more than 4,000 games and 200 tournaments. The games on this platform show potential to make any adrenaline junkie's heart pound, palms sweat and even cause the hairs at the back of their necks to stand up. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.