Holdex Finance Aims to Streamline Automated Investments for the Masses

Holdex Finance Aims to Streamline Automated Investments for the Masses

Holdex is an all-new Finance Platform created to change the conventional financial sector for speculation and manipulation. The team hopes that their technical project will bring a noticeable change in Fin-Tech and DeFi. The motive behind this is to have a transparent and decentralized platform for secure and profitable investments in cryptocurrencies. The team at holdex aims to enable automated investment options for every citizen living in the society to have an income for themselves. The developers had worked meticulously to reduce every risk and user errors to allow investors to have more profit.

Holdex features an automated market maker that replaces traditional methods with liquidity pools that pre-fund assets on the blockchain. The users themselves will give this liquidity, who receive passive income from their deposits as a liquidity interest transaction.

The platform has an automated operating mechanism that allows it more independence in management, supporting autonomous pools and farms. The Holdex token is also compatible with Ethereum, Huobi Eco chain, and Binance Smart Chain networks.

The company has also launched a Swapping platform that allows users to exchange one crypto for another without exiting their Wallet. They can also exchange crypto in their Private Key Wallet or Trading Account. Since holding these coins, the buyer will be an essential piece in the network’s security infrastructure. The team aims to democratize access to retail investors owning a small number of tokens. The company also pushes the benefits of yield farming to allow crypto holders to earn rewards on their holdings. Holdex Finance Yield farming will work with a liquidity provider and a liquidity pool that boots a DeFi market.

Every transaction on this platform is made easy by the H-APY scanner and the H-ATB bot. These solutions will guide users to earn interest in USD coins and help better understand how the financial platform evolves. The bot is uniquely designed to enable easy

trading on crypto markets. The team had introduced a wallet where only the user can control it to maintain their funds. This will also have access to DApps, unlike centralized wallets, and will not collect any personal data. The idea behind this is to make crypto more accessible. This wallet will bridge the gap between individual blockchains with their nodes. 

The team announced that they would have a total supply of 100,000,000 Holdex tokens. And the initial listing price will be a minimum of $1. The team will also lock the coins allocated to them to unlock 10% in every quarter. The team has already published their contract address on the 27th of July, and a modified version of holdex finance will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2021. The Holdex Swap test version has been activated, and their application is in the launching phase. The team has completed ICO stage 1 with a massive level of success, 100%. For Stage 2, the price will be around 0,20$ cents, and it will end on 23rd August 2021. Finally, ICO for stage 3 will be set for the price of 0.30$.

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