AAX Launches The Most Rewarding Savings Product in the Blockchain Ecosystem

AAX Launches The Most Rewarding Savings Product in the Blockchain Ecosystem

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A huge offering for a huge digital exchange. AAX, which boasts over 1 million users across more than 100 countries is now offering its users a crypto savings platform boasting an unparalleled yield of up to 20%.

For investors and newcomers to crypto that might question why the blockchain is the best place to save, AAX has definitely removed all traces of doubt. Not only are the options for passive yield much higher than the traditional markets, but its decentralized nature brings users a level of security, privacy and safety that is not available outside of this arena.

The very nature of the blockchain is that it automates transactions, whether that be through trading on an exchange like AAX or through lending or saving, meaning every action is automatically verified and authenticated directly on the blockchain by the blockchain.

AAX is decentralized, which means that data is stored on a huge network of computers (nodes) distributed globally. Compare this to a broker or bank for instance, who stores most if not all client data and transactions on one single server, giving hackers a single point of entry.

Outperforming Classical and Digital Savings Accounts

This brand new savings product outstrips the rest of the market by offering clients the highest yield on a variety of crypto assets including Bitcoin Ehtereum, Tether as well as the stablecoins, USDT and Circle’s USDC. 

The process is easy for even those users that are unfamiliar with the workings of the crypto market.  The spokesman for AXX is clear about its merits:

“Whatever the market situation is, bear or bull, it is important for investors to allocate a certain portion of their crypto portfolio to savings,” a statement from the team reads. “With the up to 20% APY, AAX savings makes HODL easier and helps you earn while sleeping.” 

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