Sci-Fi Feature Film Silhouettes Becomes First Movie to Sell Tickets as NFTs on the Liquid Network

Sci-Fi Feature Film Silhouettes Becomes First Movie to Sell Tickets as NFTs on the Liquid Network

Los Angeles, CA, — In a first for the film industry, producers Matt Hartley and Shiv Rajagopal are issuing the tickets to their latest feature film Silhouettes as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Liquid Network.

Silhouettes tells the story of astronaut Katherine Barnes who, during the routine inspection of a space station orbiting Earth, encounters an extraterrestrial being that takes her on a tour of the universe, from its earliest beginnings to its far future. The film features renowned voice actors D.Terhune, who previously worked on Transformers: Cyberverse, and Helen Day from Turok: The First Flight.

The tickets to the movie can be purchased on the official Silhouettes website, which was developed in collaboration with game studio Pixelmatic, the developer of sci-fi MMO game Infinite Fleet. Besides giving its buyer exclusive streaming access, each ticket is issued as an NFT that will be transferred into the possession of its respective buyer with the purchase. Every NFT represents a single unique ticket number. The release date for the film is this Friday, August 13th.

The NFT distribution, developed by Coinos CTO Adam Soltys, leverages the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin sidechain developed by Bitcoin infrastructure firm Blockstream and operated by a federation of 46 financial institutions across the globe.

Silhouettes tickets can be purchased using bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin (bitcoin issued on the Liquid Network), and litecoin. Payments via the Lightning Network are accepted as well.

“This is the next step forward in entertainment distribution,” Silhouettes director Matt Hartley commented on the unprecedented collaboration. “We see this as having the potential of becoming the Netflix of Bitcoin.”

About Castle in the Sky Productions

Castle in the Sky Productions is a production company founded in 2018. Since its inception, it has released two films; psychological drama APOTHEOSIS (2018) and comedy horror CULT FOLLOWING (2021). Castle in the Sky HQ is located in Los Angeles, CA, with key team members stationed in Boston and Hong Kong. 

About Pixelmatic

Pixelmatic is a AAA game development studio with distributed teams in Canada, China, and France. Since 2011, Pixelmatic has been developing and operating games for the global market. Powered by a veteran team that has worked on franchises such as Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Homeworld, and Mass Effect, Pixelmatic is currently working on the highly anticipated sci-fi MMO strategy game Infinite Fleet.

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