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Barrett Wissman Joins APENFT Foundation as Chief Investment Advisor

Barrett Wissman Joins APENFT Foundation as Chief Investment Advisor

The experienced leader in cultural arts will bring a wealth of experience to APENFT as it seeks to bring blockchain to the artworld, registering world-class artworks as NFTs.

APENFT has announced that Barret Wissman will be joining the organization as Chief Investment Advisor. Wissman, an avid entrepreneur, philanthropist, and concert pianist, is the Chairman of IMG Artists, a global leader in the performing and cultural arts industries. He is also a principal in Two Pillar Management, an artist management company focused on digital personalities, celebrities, and their brands.

Wissman will be tasked with helping APENFT build strong relationships in the art and entertainment industries, a position for which he appears well suited. It is hoped that under Wissman’s guidance, APENFT can continue to expand its portfolio of artworks and to further contribute to the burgeoning NFT market.

The addition of Wissman to the APENFT team was greeted with enthusiasm by Sydney Xiong, APENFT’s curator and art director, who teased bigger announcements in the near future.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with Barrett on many exciting projects in the future, several of which are already in process and will be announced soon,” he said in a press release on August 26.

While the exact nature of APENFT’s plans have yet to be revealed, the company has made no secret of its desire to partner with museums in sponsoring and organizing exhibitions as well building and developing art events and festivals.

The Art of Blockchain

The appointment of Wissman is another step forward for APENFT, which can operate on both Ethereum and TRON networks but is very much a part of the latter ecosystem. 

The project describes itself as ‘the largest investor in NFTs in furthering its mission of bringing the blockchain to the art world’. To achieve that end, APENFT has already commissioned or acquired works by Beeple, Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Pak, Fewowcious, and Kaws.

Following the appointment of Barret Wissman as Chief Investment Advisor for APENFT, Justine Sun, the CEO and founder of TRON, lauded the heavyweight status of the appointment.

“To have someone of the caliber of Barrett Wissman as an advisor is an important milestone for APENFT,” she enthused.

With Sun’s support and Wissman’s industry connections, APENFT will now seek to add to and strengthen its team of advisors and experts. The company intends to look at personnel in both the art and technology fields in hopes of elevating the project to new heights.

Wissman may ultimately prove to only be the first in a series of high-profile appointments at APENFT as the project seeks to accelerate its progress in 2021.

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