Nodle Network, Partners with ESTV expanding its token reward service to the Gaming and E-sports World

Nodle Network, Partners with ESTV expanding its token reward service to the Gaming and E-sports World

San Francisco-based decentralized wireless network, Nodle announces a strategic partnership with global e-sports content streaming giant, ESTV with an aim to expand into the e-sports and gaming industry. The partnership aims to boost user acquisition and adoption of the Nodle network across the sporting world by introducing new revenue streams for ESTV users, who be able to mint Nodle Cash, the network’s native token. 

Nodle is a citizen-powered decentralized wireless network that uses its “Bluetooth Low Energy” network to connect millions of Internet of Things (IoT) across the world. To join the network, users require a Bluetooth-enabled device connected to millions of other BT-connected smartphones or IoT devices. The network allows developers, users, and publishers to monetize their applications via the Nodle networking library by mining Nodle Cash, which in turn allows the network to grow further. 

Micha Benoliel, CEO and Co-founder of Nodle believes the partnership with ESTV, boasting over 29.6 million unique views and 124.8 million viewership minutes worldwide, will boost the network access across the gaming and e-sports world – opening opportunities for users on both platforms. Notwithstanding, influencers, anchors, athletes, teams, celebrities, and other ESTV partners will also enhance user acquisition– boosting downloads of its Nodle Cash app across the global gaming community. 

Adding to Benoliel comments, Garrett Kinsman, VP of Sales and Growth and Co-Founder of Nodle said, 

 “We are thrilled to have our Nodle brand associated with ESTV and can’t wait to see it being used in tournaments where everyone wins with Nodle Cash.”

Launched in 2017, Nodle has grown its stance as one of the most powerful and privacy-focused IoT stacks. Following the strategic partnership with ESTV, gamers and e-sports fanatics will be able to connect and secure physical assets, track lost items globally, capture sensor data, security certificates, and providing important data insights for companies in the IoT space, a statement from the team reads.

Nodle Cash is mined via the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections and an algorithm, ‘Proof of Connectivity’, which allows BLE-connected devices to automatically scan for other nearby BLE-enabled IoT devices and sensors, and move tiny bits of data to the decentralized cloud. 

On its part, ESTV’s wide global reach will boost the user acquisition of the Nodle network through in-app advertisements on ESTV’s upcoming mobile app and 24/7 global broadcasts. The Nodle networking library will also be integrated into its mobile app allowing users on ESTV to opt-in to passively earn Nodle Cash. As such, ESTV will earn additional revenue generated through the partnership and users can convert their earnings to ESTV gear and other offerings on the e-sports streaming service. 

Users will be able to earn Nodle Cash by simply watching their favorite sportspersons, athletes, and teams on the live streaming app and vast ESTV content library, Eric Yoon, Founder & CEO of ESTV commented. 

“The more our viewers view content on the ESTV mobile app, the more Nodle Cash they'll earn,” Yoon added. “This partnership is truly a win-win-win for ESTV viewers and users, Nodle, and ESTV!”

According to the statement, Nodle ensures users’ data is encrypted to preserve their privacy when dealing with third parties such as manufacturers, smart cities, and enterprises, who require the data insights from IoT devices connected to Nodle. 

Apart from ESTV’s app, the Nodle Cash app is available to users on Android and iOS. 

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