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CoinZoom Propels Crypto Adoption Through Its Multi-Feature Platform

CoinZoom Propels Crypto Adoption Through Its Multi-Feature Platform

To further its mission of global cryptocurrency adoption, highly regulated exchange CoinZoom is rolling out CoinZoom cards, allowing users to spend fiat and crypto balances at over 53 million participating merchant stores

Regulatory Compliance Promises Greater Security & Transparency

CoinZoom, the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, is on a mission to bridge the gap between legacy banking and stocks to make digital assets accessible to larger populations. Led by a founding team with decades of legal, regulatory, and fintech experience, the US-based institutional-grade digital currency trading platform offers several unique features that make digital coins usable in real-world scenarios.

With the surging demand for better regulation for crypto assets, CoinZoom has positioned itself among the limited numbers of customer-centric platforms that follow country-specific guidelines. The platform manages compliance checks on thousands of customers from across 140 countries, working with the AML, KYC, FinCEN, and OFAC regulations of individual countries. 

The platform is already registered under the US Money Services Business license, allowing it to operate across all 50 states and territories. Internationally, CoinZoom has an Australian Digital Currency Exchange registration license. It is currently pursuing its E-Money License in the European Union and the BitLicense in the US. 

In addition, the platform boasts of a growing suite of analytical and trading tools, allowing users to buy and sell over 30 cryptocurrencies in more than 120 markets. Owing to the regulatory compliance, international licensing, and suite of features, CoinZoom brings the crypto experience to the masses.

WellBeyond, a Utah-based brand offering a range of products and services, uses CoinZoom as a crypto-based payment system and wallet. In partnership with CoinZoom, the platform has developed a unique ecosystem for its users to access their commissions in multiple currency options easily.

Supporting Merchant Crypto Acceptance WorldWide

Although the cryptocurrency market has grown manifold in the last couple of years, it is mainly limited to institutional investors, retail traders, and blockchain enthusiasts. Besides, there wasn’t much of an acceptance of digital coins in real-world commerce until recently.

To bridge this gap and enable more people to benefit from cryptocurrencies, CoinZoom introduced a novel concept called CoinZoom Visa Cards. Users can apply from five different Visa cards to spend their digital coins in the real world. Powered by the user’s CoinZoom wallet and the ZOOM utility token, these Visa cards allow users to pay using cryptos at Visa’s 53 million merchant outlets. 

In addition to making it convenient to use digital coins to pay for goods and services, CoinZoom also offers several rewards and cashback, varying by the type of card the customer holds. Another unique feature of ensuring that the general population can easily use cryptocurrencies, the platform also offers a money transfer service called ZoomMe to send ZOOM tokens without any service charges.

According to CoinZoom CEO Todd Crosland, “We offer more than just an avenue for investing in crypto, we make it easy to spend your crypto through our Visa debit card, and send your crypto to friends and family overseas instantly for free through our ZoomMe feature. Our goal is to propel the global adoption of crypto forward and bring the complete crypto experience to the masses.”

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