StormGain Levels The Crypto Mining Playing Field By Catering T Billions Of Smartphone Users

StormGain Levels The Crypto Mining Playing Field By Catering T Billions Of Smartphone Users

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The concept of cryptocurrency mining has a somewhat negative connotation to it these days. Many people see it as a waste of electricity as it requires dedicated and expensive hardware. But what if that was no longer the case, and anyone could mine cryptocurrency with their smartphone?

Equal Mining Opportunities For Everyone With StormGain

In the current crypto mining landscape, there is an inequality waiting to be resolved. Suppose one does not have access to cheap/renewable electricity or the finances for upfront investments for mining hardware. In that case, it won't be easy to play any meaningful role in this industry. This "skewed" nature of cryptocurrency mining is a problem that seems to grow bigger over time. The time has come to introduce a solution that makes crypto mining more accessible and appealing to the billions of smartphone users out there.

Cloud mining is quickly gaining traction in this industry segment. Not necessarily cloud mining in the way most people think, but rather by leveraging the power of smartphones. StormGain's solution makes it easy and approachable to venture into cryptocurrency mining. There is no need to worry about logistics, hardware, electricity, or anything else. Instead, it is entirely mobile-based, which has the potential to empower billions of people.

One hurdle to overcome is the cloud mining industry's lack of transparency and correctness. As a result, many providers claim to offer high yields yet cannot meet expectations. Through its mobile-based cloud mining solution, StormGain lets users mine crypto assets directly. By connecting to remote cloud servers, a risk-free and convenient mining solution remains unmatched by other providers on the market today.

Gaining access to StormGain's solution is possible through a smartphone or desktop computer. The registration process is quick, easy, and without unnecessary bells and whistles. With potential earnings as high as 0.0318 BTC per day - equivalent to $1,275 - it is essential to make this process as straightforward as possible. Once an account is confirmed, users can mine Bitcoin right away. StormGain's mining solution has no impact on the smartphone's performance itself, creating a hassle-free experience. 

For users to withdraw and exchange their crypto assets through StormGain, they must meet the $10 USDT profit threshold. It is not possible to withdraw earnings without trading first, yet one can move all profit generated via trading out of one's account at any time without restrictions. There is no commission for trading and exchanging for all users. Moreover, the platform provides all standard and advanced instruments, including fiat-based purchasing of crypto assets. 

None of this would be possible without strong partnerships. StormGain works with the Blockchain Association within the Financial Commission, football club S.S. Lazio, and many others. As a result, the trading product has surpassed a 30-day volume of $6 billion, courtesy of tens of thousands of global traders. StormGain is also the top interest rate provider for crypto traders by CoinMarketCap, further enhancing the project's market position. 

An intriguing aspect about Stormgain is how its mining rewards are calculated. By directly linking rewards to a user's trading volume, an intriguing correlation is created. Those who trade more volume can earn better rewards from mining. Being active on the platform can significantly impact one's profit potential, either as a trader, miner, or both. Increasing one's trading volume and mining speed is relatively easy, as it is possible to trade with up to 200x leverage. 

As an added feature, traders can make use of cryptocurrency trading signals. With profitability and probability signals, traders can make well-educated decisions on which signals to follow. Every trading signal has Stop Loss and Take Profit options and Increase and Auto-Increase options to enhance one's market position if the trend is favorable. Users can also plan their trades through the native Telegram bot.

About StormGain

As part of its services, StormGain's cloud mining service effectively removes all entry barriers to the mining market. Consequently, there's no longer a need to invest in expensive mining chips that take up space, make noise, and consume electricity. Contract prices are inherently small so on-going investments can translate to significant profits over the long term. Since the bitcoin mining service is readily available via the cloud, accessing it via desktop and mobile devices couldn't be easier, with no hardware and time investments involved. 

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