Infura To Support Optimism Layer 2

Infura To Support Optimism Layer 2

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Infura has announced that it is now live with support for the Optimism Layer-2  solution. The announcement comes in time for the launch of Optimism on Uniswap.

Optimistic Ethereum will be using an “optimistic rollup” solution that will scale smart contracts, allowing immediate transactions at low costs. The Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM) is an Ethereum compatible, fully-featured execution environment. The smart contracts are written in Solidity so that developers can easily transition them to the Optimistic Ethereum Mainnet.

The Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM)

The Optimistic Virtual Machine is an Optimistic implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The OVM’s computation is evaluated client-side by individuals who want to participate in the validation or the computation of the latest state. The OVM will leverage the EVM’s security model and be able to perform gas-intensive operations using the OVM, resulting in lower fees.

Getting Started

Infura will provide users with access to the OVM through an API. This API can be accessed through the Ethereum API project list. Infura will support all necessary API methods for building a fully functional application on Optimism.

To get started on Infura, all you have to do is log in to your account and add the new Optimism add-on to your account. Once you have logged in, you can go to your Ethereum project list and upgrade your existing plan.

The Truffle Optimism Box

The Truffle Optimism Box provides developers with the necessary boilerplate structure that helps them start coding for Optimism’s Layer-2 solution. Truffle provides developers a solid foundation to begin working on Optimistic Ethereum without making the developers write any application.

Using the Truffle Optimism Block, developers will be able to compile, migrate and then test Solidity’s code against the Optimistic Ethereum Network. The Truffle Box includes Infura Endpoints for the Optimistic Ethereum chain, helping developers to get fully acquainted with all aspects and options when it comes to developing the Optimistic Ethereum chain. Add to this, MetaMask will also be providing users a lower-friction confirmation when they are adding Optimistic Ethereum Endpoint to their wallets.

A Global Team

Building the decentralized internet and empowering its developer community, Infura is built by a global team driven by its passion for building and delivering the best tools and infrastructure to empower developers to build the best decentralized applications.

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