eFIN: The Next-Era Blockchain-Based Decentralized Platform

eFIN: The Next-Era Blockchain-Based Decentralized Platform

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The advent of decentralized platforms removed the need for a centralized entity to facilitate transactions between any two parties. Unfortunately, they brought in their own set of unpleasant attributes such as slow block confirmation times, costly mining fees and no KYC/AML procedures. Due to these problems, crypto users and traders have kept themselves away from decentralized platforms, thereby resulting in a lack of liquidity.

The blockchain ecosystem needs a solution that adopts the security and decentralization of a distributed ledger while keeping enough liquidity for assets to move on the network.

Enter eFIN  

eFIN is a secure, peer-to-peer, decentralized trading platform that enables users to have complete control over their assets. Built with an intuitive UI interface, its multi-signature engines ensure scalable and secure transactions. And for an added layer of security, eFIN DEX offers optional Tor network integration.

To provide liquidity to traders, eFIN uses a two-pronged approach:

  1. Incentivizing users through a reward system for staking their coins on the eFIN platform.
  1. Creating a network of integrated order books with other decentralized trading platforms to ensure that orders are matched instantly.

eFIN Ecosystem

  • eFIN COIN: At the center of eFIN's ecosystem lies the eFIN privacy coin, which is built on its own Bitcoin-based blockchain network to facilitate anonymity on crypto transactions. It is a cross-protocol currency that can also be used in atomic swaps with BTC, LTC, and ETH. Moreover, the coin also ensures that every user gets a tight buy/sell spread with a near-instant transaction time.
  • eFIN WALLET: eFIN offers a decentralized, secure, and non-custodial wallet to its users. Unlike centralized exchanges, the platform provides private keys in the hands of users, thus giving them more control over their cryptocurrencies. Your keys, your coins!
  • eFIN DEX: the eFIN DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE is in redevelopment and will integrate with Binance Smart Chain. This means traders can get the best of both networks: BSC and Ethereum. The project has future plans to integrate Nimiq OASIS to include the on-and-off-ramp feature for DEX users and also QR Code connectivity between eFINSwap and the newly developed eFIN MOBILE APP.
  • eFINSwap: a hybrid DEX swap aggregator built to save time and money for traders. The swap aggregator integrates various exchanges to find the best price for a trade with the lowest fees possible. eFINSwap also has a built-in fiat to crypto aggregator. eFIN Project has proudly incorporated QR Code connectivity between eFINSwap and the newly developed eFIN MOBILE APP.
  • eFIN MOBILE APP: a mobile wallet specifically designed to directly connect users with the eFINSwap or eFIN DEX, so they can trade safely on-the-go. With the above mentioned QR code connectivity, the eFIN community has gained access to desktop trading from their mobile devices.

Moving Forward

eFIN is a secure, decentralized, and non-custodial platform set out to revolutionize the crypto industry by introducing a comprehensive suite of blockchain-based solutions. In addition to the ecosystem mentioned above, DexTech AG, the parent company of eFIN, has a number of other projects that are currently being working on.  

As part of their plan to enhance future crypto and blockchain technology, the team has partnered with industry leaders like the Ten31 Bank, having recently purchased a 13% stake in DexTech AG, who share the same vision of crypto mass adoption. The Ten31 Bank ecosystem partnership brings together eFIN, Zilliqa, Nimiq, Salamantex,Tangany, PPS, Litecoin and others.

The future of crypto looks bright with eFIN leading the way.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice. 

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