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EasyFi Bolsters Security With Halborn Partnership

EasyFi Bolsters Security With Halborn Partnership

EasyFi Network has announced a partnership with Halborn Security. The partnership will see Halborn become the official auditor and security advisor for EasyFi Network. Additionally, Halborn will provide holistic security advisory for EasyFi’s infrastructure on Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. 

The announcement is in line with EasyFi’s announcement that it was looking to partner with the best audit firms to audit the protocol’s smart contract codes, along with the complete audit of all security practices on the EasyFi Network. 

Deep Experience In Security And Testing 

Halborn Security brings deep knowledge and understanding of multiple blockchain protocols and cryptographic standards, having performed multiple extensive security audits and tests. 

Hlaborn’s team has already gotten to work and has started a complete security architecture audit, and identified focus areas to prioritize. 

A Comprehensive Audit 

Following the security incident, EasyFi identified multiple areas that required improvement when it came to security and security practices. The protocol also identified the need to provide a full measure of security enhancements for the protocol, smart contracts, code and establish security practices for the future needs and security of the protocol. 

A detailed audit is currently underway for EasyFi’s infrastructure on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. 

Halborn’s Role And Scope Of the Audit 

The audit and advisory include the following. 

General Cybersecurity Practices: EasyFi will focus on having a security strategy that is inherently designed to reduce risks. EasyFi and Halborn will focus on the following parameters 

  • An efficient method to protect the protocol and all its data against any attack. 
  • Implement vulnerability tests, threat analysis tests, and security checks. 
  • Research cybersecurity, security systems, and security checks.
  • Put in place a robust security infrastructure for future projects. 
  • Provide security solutions by using business-standard analysis criteria. 

Infrastructure Risk Assessments: Halborn will audit, advise and validate all processes and ensure that they are implemented securely, helping Easyfi incorporate the best practices into their security process. 

Penetration Testing: Halborn will identify vulnerabilities and act on them before external actors can exploit them. Halborn will also simulate attacks to help reduce the protocol’s exposure to an actual attack. 

Smart Contract Audits: Halborn will carry out smart contract audits and analyze them to ensure that the codes are free of any vulnerabilities and adhere to quality standards. 

Establish Best Practices: EasyFi will utilize Halborn’s expertise on infrastructure codes, automation, cloud hosting options, automation, and other best practices that will help in integration and deployment. 

Securing the Future 

EasyFi’s partnership with Halborn ensures the security of the protocol. With Halborn’s backing, EasyFi can focus on products and services, building them as planned. In addition, the protocol has several more partnerships lined up to ensure the complete security of the protocol. 

About Halborn Security 

Halborn Security is an award-winning cybersecurity company that works with the likes of Stellar, Bancor, Coinbase, and BlockFi, to name a few. Halborn focuses on full-stack security and advanced penetration testing of web apps. 

It also analyzes smart contracts and identifies issues in the contract, such as code errors and other vulnerabilities. Halborn performs manual and automated analysis services, ensuring that DeFi applications and smart contracts are ready for the mainnet.