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Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage Attracts "Thousands Of Developers" In 5 Days

Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage Attracts "Thousands Of Developers" In 5 Days

Cloud storage platform, Storj DCS, launched its decentralized storage layer on April 20th and since then has seen an astounding number of sign-ups. The product is designed to help developers, DevOps professionals, and other cloud storage customers easily migrate from legacy, centralized providers. 

The team tweeted:

"Since launching Storj DCS on Tuesday, we've had thousands of new developers sign up to try out the decentralized cloud. Thanks to everyone who has spread the word about Storj DCS. If you haven't tried it yet, sign up for free and see how easy it is to use!"

Storj Rolls Tardigrade Under Storj DCS

Storj has looked for insights that gave them a deeper understanding of what developers look for when buying cloud storage. The storage platform set its sights to curate a unique experience for developers and delivered it too, considering the staggering number of sign-ups seen in just a few days. 

Storj released Tardigrade, decentralized cloud storage, in 2019. The team claims that there was some confusion regarding the relationship between the two. The community demanded a unified and easy storage experience, so Storj rolled the Tardigrade product back under the Storj brand as Storj DCS. 

Visitors to are being redirected to corresponding pages on The team further adds,

"By bringing Tardigrade back under the wing of Storj and renaming it Storj DCS, we're able to more clearly communicate what our product is—decentralized cloud storage that uses the STORJ token as an exchange of value across the network.

What Does Storj Offer?

Storj is focused on creating products for developers. By providing decentralized storage for their needs, Storj aims to enable hundreds of companies to build services on top of Storj DCS. Ben Golub, the Executive Chairman and CEO of Storj, stated:

"Developers love the simplicity of the cloud but are increasingly finding themselves conflicted with the privacy and security shortcomings of centralized cloud storage providers. New technologies and approaches like decentralization and the Storj DCS multi-tenant gateway mean developers can have better ownership and control of their data at a lower cost and without any extra effort, so they can build more secure and private applications."

Storj DCS delivers Enterprise SLAs (service level agreements), default encryption, and edge-based access management for maximum privacy. Storj offers better performance than centralized providers with an onboarding experience that is simple and compatible with centralized offerings. 

There is no requirement of running additional software or making code changes while migrating from centralized providers. Developers can change a few lines of code in their existing Amazon S3-compatible applications to start storing data on Storj DCS immediately.

Multi-Tenant Gateway By Storj

The launch of Storj DCS and the multi-tenant gateway enables developers to easily migrate existing S3- compatible applications to the decentralized cloud. The multi-tenant gateway allows Storj to support new use cases like web applications and data migration from centralized cloud providers.

The multi-tenant gateway is deployed in multiple locations around the world. They have peering relationships with the large centralized cloud providers, making data migration and hybrid operations much faster and much less expensive. 

Storj will continue to support locally hosted gateways as a first-class option for those customers who prefer to host their gateways. It offers multipart uploads, which increases efficiency and flexibility, especially for large objects and many new use cases. 

Storj Is All For Its Community

Storj has received positive feedback from its community regarding its products and services. The features that have gained prominence are resistance to ransomware and tampering by bad actors. Storj's edge-based security model allows only data owners and those they authorize to access files stored on Storj DCS. 

The interest in private, secure, trustless, and decentralized cloud service offerings is growing fast, mainly fueled by issues such as data breaches, data loss, unplanned downtime that impairs data clouds. The decentralized architecture of the Storj addresses these issues and offers consistent performance. 

Storj has also lowered its pricing by more than 50% for storage and 80% for bandwidth. Storj also offers developers a free plan and small projects that allow them to store and download data. The low costs combined with superior performance, security, and privacy, make the switch to Storj the preferred choice. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.