Alpha Finance Lab Has Introduced Their New Visual Brand

Alpha Finance Lab Has Introduced Their New Visual Brand

Alpha Finance Lab, the cross-chain DeFi platform, has introduced a new look for their brand to commemorate the upcoming launch of ALPHA tokenomics. The new visual represents the next growth stage at Alpha Finance Lab. The announcement was carried out on their website blog and Twitter, saying,

"Ahead of the upcoming launch of ALPHA tokenomics (staking and Alpha Tiers), We are excited to introduce the new visual #Alpha brand for the next growth stage at #Alpha Finance Lab! We've integrated our core beliefs into the new Alpha Finance Lab and ALPHA token logo."

A Closer Look At The New Design

Alpha Finance Lab is an ecosystem of DeFi products that offers interoperability to maximize returns while minimizing users' risks. Alpha's new design emphasizes the values the company upholds, as their core beliefs are integrated into the new Alpha Finance Lab and ALPHA token logo.

The new logo's interrelated features incorporate the unity and strength the ecosystem gains from each Alpha product that is interconnected. It symbolizes the interconnectedness the ecosystem has with its community and its vital role in decentralizing the project. 

Designs That Convey What's Next For Alpha Lab

The new logo highlights the importance of the ALPHA token in the upcoming growth stage. The design consists of wings to the left and right sides of the Alpha logo, connected by a yellow circle. It symbolizes ALPHA tokenomics acting as a bridge that facilitates interactions between all the products in its expanding and multi-chain ecosystem. 

The curved wings also denote the team's flexibility to address market demands as they arise and innovate accordingly. The logo has a sharp and particular arrow shape designed to symbolize the company's focused yet agile approach to developing its ecosystem. 

The logo points upwards in one direction, in the shape of an arrowhead, designed for a specific purpose. It shows that the entire Alpha team and community are working towards a shared vision: creating a multi-chain ecosystem at the forefront of DeFi, with the long-term goal of innovating and integrating with the current financial system.

Design Integrations On Website and dApps Too

Alpha's website showcases the new look to reflect the alignment of its brand and core values. The products offered by Alpha are highlighted on the front page and also features the aggregate Total Value Locked figure at the top of the website. 

The figure is split as per the products listed, offering a clear insight into the ecosystem's direction. The overall design brings an overlooker's attention to the Alpha ecosystem's interoperability and depicts the community's engagement, which further illustrates the interconnected nature of Alpha Lab. Alpha's dApps reflect the new branding too. 

Use-Cases Of Alpha's Products

Alpha Lab products address prominent market gaps in DeFi with novel solutions that aim to bring positive yields for all users. These are their products: Alpha Homora V1 on Ethereum, Alpha Homora V2 on Ethereum, and Alpha Homora V1 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Alpha Homora V1 (ETH) is the first leveraged yield farming and liquidity providing platform product in DeFi. It allows users to take leveraged yield farming or liquidity providing position on Uniswap and SushiSwap. Users can also lend ETH and earn high lending APY. 

Alpha Homora V2 (ETH) is the upgraded version of Alpha Homora V1 and enables leveraged yield farming or liquidity providing on Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve, and Balancer. Lenders can lend ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and more assets going ahead. 

Stakers of The ALPHA token will gain high leverage on V2 based on users' tier as per the Alpha Tier system. V1 and V2 on Ethereum simplified the standard yield farming mechanisms, as Alpha Homora condensed the process into a few easy clicks for users.

Alpha Homora V1 on BSC introduced Alpha Homora's interoperability to leveraged yield farming and BNB lending. Lenders can use this version to lend BNB on BSC to earn high APY. Yield farmers can open leveraged yield farming positions on PancakeSwap or proceed with yield farming without leverage, as Alpha Homora simplified the process to a few clicks for users.

Project documents for the above have also been refreshed with the new branding. The documents teach users about how these products work, how to use them, the benefits and risks of each, etc., aiming at increasing community engagement. 

The Next Step For Alpha Lab

The rebranding comes just in time for the Alpha Tokenomics launch scheduled for today, March 31st. Alpha focuses on continued product building and working with the Alpha community to realize their goals of creating an innovative, inventive, multi-chain ecosystem that will be at the forefront of DeFi.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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