XinFin Network announces launch of XDC Index, partners with Vinter

XinFin Network announces launch of XDC Index, partners with Vinter

The enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain company has announced the launch of its regulated XDC/USD index, a key component to providing exchange-traded products which contain the XDC token, a native utility token for XinFin’s XDC Network.

XinFin’s technology is poised as an innovative solution to the scalability problem present in the current version of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as other blockchain platforms. The network relies on a system of 198 Masternodes with its originally-designed Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm called XDPoS. The XDPoS consensus algorithm can support low transaction fees and 2-second (near-instant) transaction confirmation times.

XinFin Network’s hybrid relay bridges enable secure, stable, and instant block finality guaranteed on the blockchain through the protocol’s leverage of novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts, and true randomization processes. Notably, the protocol is interoperable with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards, making it developer-friendly and providing easy implementation across a hybrid set of platforms.

“The XDC Network is a hybrid blockchain network empowered by the XDC digital asset for settlement purposes. XinFin focuses on regulated industries such as payments, trade finance, and capital markets. By partnering with Vinter, we bring our institutional partners a regulated index to develop their investment products on,” shared XinFin founder Atul Khekade.

Founded in 2019, Vinter has established itself as the first-ever crypto index in the Nordic region approved by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Vinter bridges crypto assets to the traditional financial industry and professional investment space, while balancing this with reliable pricing and trust from the blockchain community. Vinter’s collaboration with XinFin provides a viable means for investment funds, custodians, and investors who are trying to gain exposure to the crypto and blockchain space, an industry that has grown by over 2500% in the past year.

“Building a regulated XDC index is an important first step for XinFin to institutionalize its offering and to build financial products based on XDC. The index is designed to be tradeable and reliable,” added Jacob Lindberg, founder and CEO of Vinter.

The Vinter XinFin XDC/USD Index is a single crypto asset index, it was developed by the two companies to provide a rules-based and transparent method of tracking the price of the native token (XDC) based on a parallel fiat system (U.S. Dollars / USD). The administration and calculation of the crypto-fiat pair is compliant with frameworks required by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the EU Benchmarks Regulation (EBR), two independent and distinct regulatory entities that ensure competent record-keeping and data integrity for the platform.

The XDC index’s calculation methodology is based on adjustments for market factors such as liquidity, exchange stability, and regulatory requirements. The index was launched at the onset of this month.

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