Emirates Airline trials Blockchain ‘Health Passports’

Emirates Airline trials Blockchain ‘Health Passports’

Emirates Airline announced that it is currently trialling a Covid-19 health passport in 5 countries. The app is a joint collaboration between GE Digital, TE-FOOD and Eurofins, and will facilitate Blockchain verification of test results. 

The logistics, for passengers wishing to travel by air, are now quite arduous. Many European countries, such as France, Portugal, Spain, and the UK are requiring passengers to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test before being allowed to board flights.  

Passengers are currently undergoing the stress and bother of undergoing tests and being able to get the results back in time for them to still be valid on their day of travel. Some testing centres are taking up to 4 or 5 days to deliver results. The cost of the test can also be prohibitive with one article citing $2,315 as a maximum price. 

TrustOne is the name of the new app that has been developed. It presently allows Emirates’ customers to take a Covid-19 test at a discounted rate. The app will enable customers to choose where they want to be tested, and to book the appointment in app. Results are then sent straight to the app. 

At present, passengers are still required to print the test results for inspection at the airport, but it is expected that the app will be accepted by airport authorities within the next couple of months. 

Emirates COO, Adel Al Redha, said: 

“Travel requirements today are dynamic, and even more than ever, our goal is to give our customers confidence and enable them to travel safely,” 

He also went on to state: 

“With this latest solution, provided in partnership by GE Digital Aviation Software and TE Food, passengers will be able to easily source accurate information on tests, approved laboratories to get tested, as well as other vital measures to be taken prior to travel.” 

David Havera of GE Digital remarked: 

“we need planes to fly in order for us to make money. So we’re invested in solving this in the short term and in the longterm and then post COVID. Our solution will have residual value because we’ll work with airlines on track and trace of maintenance.” 

The TrustOne Blockchain solution app initially hit the scene in June of 2020, when it was employed to screen passenger and airline crew health status before boarding. It was also used to ensure correct cleaning procedures in aircraft and airports. 

Emirates Airline is also investigating the potential use of the IATA Travel Pass platform, which also employs Blockchain technology to verify passenger and staff Covid-19 credentials. Trials will begin in April. 

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