The Nucleus Salalah and Centurion: a partnership set to launch a new concept in property investing

The Nucleus Salalah and Centurion: a partnership set to launch a new concept in property investing

5 January 2021, Singapore -- Soon to rise in Oman’s growing coastal city, The Nucleus Salalah is a premier hospitality destination with 4-Star facility rooms and amenities.

With its close proximity to the airport, the city centre, the central market and the gold souk – this top-notch project boasts an ideal location that allows guests to enjoy the architectural wonder, the cultural charm and the natural beauty of Salalah – the city that turns green and attracts visitors from all around the world during Khareef (monsoon) festival.

The Nucleus Salalah is being developed by Nucleus Hotels & Resorts, the hospitality venture by Nucleus Premium Properties. One of the most trusted builders in Kerala, India, Nucleus Prime properties has been voted as the Favorite Builder in the Wtzup Kochi City Awards. It has developed an array of projects marked with the highest standard of quality, workmanship and professionalism.

In order to expand its market, The Nucleus Salalah has launched a partnership with Centurion Global – a specialized marketing company and part of a Fintech-focused group of businesses that has developed the Ducatus cashless ecosystem.

Centurion Global is set to introduce an innovative approach to the property business, wherein individuals will not only earn from a project, they can also experience the luxury offered by a hotel project like The Nucleus. This is called the Lifestyle Lease – which can give clients a potential monthly income equivalent to 3% lease repayment with additional annual stay allowances and special discounts for F&B as well as spa treatments. Lifestyle Lease is one of the flagship offerings of Centurion’s crowdfunding business model Lease and Earn.

Lease and Earn is a next-generation platform that allows people to afford leasing portions of new businesses, high-value properties and assets as well as priceless experiences. Through Lease and Earn, people can harness their earning potential and build lasting wealth without having to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

This strategic partnership is in keeping with the company’s vision to build and champion an alternative financial future. A future where a community of forward-thinking consumers appreciate and embrace the endless possibilities borne out of a fully cashless economy.

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