How Terra Virtua is Building a New Community of Digital Creators

How Terra Virtua is Building a New Community of Digital Creators

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As the popularity of NFTs continues to rise, Terra Virtua’s immersive ecosystem offers digital creators new opportunities

We may have been living in a digital world for some time, but digital collectibles have only been around for a few years; the first collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain were CryptoPunks back in June 2017. With the recent explosion of the NFT market, artists, musicians, graphic designers and game developers are entering the cryptocurrency space as, by design, blockchain’s underpinning technology serves as a perfect tool to create unique collectibles with.

Terra Virtua’s pioneering and fan-centric platform not only offers a place to buy, sell, store and showcase NFTs in customisable virtual spaces, but it now also gives creators the tools and incentives to design and sell their own collectibles. The creator economy is growing, and Terra Virtua facilitates that growth offering creators a place to build, showcase, network and profit from their skills.

What’s more, with the introduction of the native token Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK), the Terra Virtua team have combined the best of blockchain, DeFi and NFTs to make an array of new mechanisms available to users.

The Kolect (TVK) Token

The native Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) token will reduce fees for users and can be used as a currency on the platform, but that is by far not it’s most exciting utility. TVK has a range of DeFi related use cases, and anyone can stake tokens to unlock exclusive NFT rewards, enjoy discounts and beat queues to upcoming product releases as a VIP member of the ecosystem.

Users also have the option to further customise personal showrooms such as the Fancave and the Terra Dome (the platforms biggest showroom yet) with upgrades that are only available to token holders. What may be most exciting is that digital creators can use TVK tokens to gain access to Terra Forma Tools, enabling them to build 2D, 3D and animated NFTs and showcase them for the world and potential buyers to admire.

Become Part of a Creator Club

By holding TVK tokens digital artists become part of the ‘Terra Virtua Create’, a space to network, collaborate with others and even work with recognised brands. With many professionals in the creative industry suffering from the ongoing effects of recent world events, the Terra Virtua ecosystem presents a chance to work within a new and exciting industry, teeming with creativity and opportunity. 

Terra Virtua is partnered with some of the world’s biggest film, gaming and merchandising companies including Paramount, and Legendary, and the platform has consistently been releasing exciting collaborative products from big names such as Top Gun, Lost in Space and The Godfather. 

The Future Of The Creator Economy

Terra Virtua is poised to welcome thousands of collectors, sports fanatics and film enthusiasts into it’s already flourishing ecosystem. It combines AR and VR, a market predicted to reach $57 billion by 2027, with well-known franchises that collectors love to fondly showcase, but the platform is now also ripe for seamless integration with a world of creators that hold untold amounts of talent and potential.

The NFT market is empowering creators — be them artists, developers, or designers — in ways that we have never seen and that would have been viewed as impossible before the emergence of blockchain technology. Terra Virtua enables creative professionals to take a step forward into the future of the creator economy.

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