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CLEVER DEFI: A Rising Star among the Best DeFi Yielding Platforms in 2021

CLEVER DEFI: A Rising Star among the Best DeFi Yielding Platforms in 2021

The already broad universe of blockchains is expanding at a rapid pace. Every year or so, we hear of a new, ambitious project ready to innovate and impress. Many do not live up to their expectations while a few exceed them.

The decentralized finance sector is currently undergoing a similar phase where tons of products have emerged. Many investors have rushed to the sector with the aims of getting rich without understanding the concepts of these projects. Most defi platforms are self-centered, each wanting to maximize its profits instead of focusing on the average investors.

Furthermore, most tokens issued by defi platforms do not offer any perks to uses apart from staking and governance. However, a new platform, CLEVER, aims to solve these issues by bringing a unique service that enables investors to earn interests for holding its native token CLVA.

The Clever Protocol is proven to be a self-sustaining and guaranteed interest system that aims to be more valuable and efficient on a mass adoption scale with long-term goals. CLEVER is set to launch its 888 cycle challenge and here is why the DeFi project is an interesting one to invest into.

A Decentralized Interest Yielding Platform

CLEVER DEFI is a decentralized platform that is built to offer sustainable interests for investors via a unique protocol made up of smart contracts that have been encoded using a decentralized distribution mechanism.

This mechanism ensures that regular interest payments are paid over 14 days in a set of fixed cycles. These cycles have been programmed into the protocol and would take a total of 34.15 years before the 888 cycles would be completed.

CLEVER offers the longevity that other yield farming projects lack and aims to build an extensive ecosystem through the automatic interest payments. The interests are paid to all CLEVER Token (CLVA) holders at the end of each cycle.

Zero Initial Token Supply

Unlike other DeFi projects that pre-mine tokens, Bryan Legend, CEO of Clever DeFi Pty Ltd and the team hold zero initial supply and this further gives credence to the project. Instead, the team is paid a fraction (0.1%) of the interest supplied by the smart contract every cycle.

This fee is allocated towards marketing, research and other activities that would foster the maintenance of a thriving ecosystem. The advantages of a zero initial token supply mean that CLVA is safe from the unethical practice that is common in the DEFI sector, whereby founding members dump their pre-mined tokens after launch which typically causes a drop in price.

Sustainable Interest Built On Guaranteed Interest Model

CLEVER is able to guarantee interest payment by offering interesting tokenomics that is not found in other protocols. Firstly the CLEVER DEFI team holds no tokens and this in return ensures that tokens can only be generated during the minting phase.

The minting phase will last for 30 days starting February 1st 2021 and users can use ETH via the CLEVER smart contract to mint and receive CLVA Tokens. The rates for swapping ETH for CLVA increases at intervals during the minting period and the earliest adopters are able to get the best rates. After the minting period the interest cycle protocol begins and rewards CLVA token holders with recurring interest every 14 days for 34.15 years.

CLEVER DEFI offers investors the opportunity to earn compound interests. These compound interests are earned by investors that decide to hold their compound tokens over a period of time.  For example, the first annual interest earnings over a 12 month period can yield a return of 307% from an initial investment of 5000 CLVA. This is impressive when compared to other yield farming protocols.

Unlike other yield farming platforms, CLEVER DEFI does not mandate holders to stake their tokens in order to get rewarded. Token holders can exchange their tokens during cycle periods without the fear of penalties.

CLVA holders will be able to earn an average interest yield of 80% over a ten year period which makes it a better investment vehicle than Bitcoin and other popular crypto assets.

CLEVER has a significant upside and is fundamentally different from other DEFI platforms. It is built to offer sustainable interest yields for investors and it could potentially revamp the yield farming sector. To learn more about CLVA ahead of the minting phase on February 1, 2021, please visit