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Orion Partners With Blockchain Research Institute to Drive Crypto Innovation

Orion Partners With Blockchain Research Institute to Drive Crypto Innovation

Orion Protocol, a defi project striving to aggregate all crypto market liquidity into one platform, has partnered with prominent enterprise and institutional adoption-focused organization Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). 

Orion to Assist BRI with Defi-Related Research

Orion Protocol joins the list of BRI’s members as a Pioneer Partner. In its collaboration with BRI, Orion will focus on designing and conducting research projects. It also hopes to benefit from the opportunities to establish connections with the institute’s members that the partnership will provide. 

“The Blockchain Research Institute is home to some of the brightest minds in the industry, and it’s a privilege to partner with them,” said Alexey Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol. “The blockchain revolution is not slowing down, and BRI are primely positioned to be a driver of change due to their influence with private and public-sector leaders, including policy makers. This partnership will give Orion an opportunity to expand into diverse new markets, and to make a major contribution to BRI’s cross-industry solutions.”

Orion’s Rapid Ascent

Launched in 2018 and relatively unknown to the crypto commmunity until recently, Orion Procol has quickly become one of the leaders in the rapidly evolving decentralized finance space. This year, it completed the largest ICO of 2020, and its native ORN token has been listed on Binance this week. 

Orion is the first project to attempt to pool together the total liquidity available on both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency markets. Through its terminal, traders will be able to tap into any available source of crypto liquidity and thus benefit from the best exchange rates and mitigate the risks related to low-volume markets. Customers will retain control of their funds in the process, as Orion’s services are non-custodial. On top of its liquidity aggregator, Orion is planning to provide a range of B2B and B2C functionalities, including a decentralized brokerage and an Enterprise Trade Widget.    

BRI Helping Institutional Actors Embrace Blockchain 

Co-founded by its current executive chairman Don Tapscott, BRI is regarded as the world’s foremost independent blockchain think tank. Its main goal is to help businesses, governments and other institutional actors to stay abreast of, and benefit from, the rapid growth of blockchain technology. BRI functions according to a membership model, in which the participating entities have exclusive access to the content of the institute’s research projects. Its elite club includes major global companies from a range of sectors, academic and research institutions, and government bodies. In addition to streamlining research, BRI also conducts monthly live webinars, all-member summits and other events.

BRI’s interest in onboarding Orion stems from the recognition of Orion Protocol’s innovative edge in the defi space. “The financial sector is ripe for disruption in this second era of the internet, paving the way for new models of decentralized finance,” said Don Tapscott. “We’re always pleased to work with companies like Orion Protocol, who are standing at the forefront of innovation in these emerging markets.”

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