Invest in the future with Crypton – the Utopia vision

Invest in the future with Crypton – the Utopia vision

Being aware of the problematic manner the government makes decisions is not something new. In fact, people got tired of the continuous mistakes that affect the economy and therefore their lifestyle.

Due to the poor requirements for a post in politics, anybody with lack of economic knowledge can get the chance to run for an important role.

Driven by emotion and not by logic, the world’s leaders got us in international conflicts, dropped monetary bases, and so much more.

We can’t be sure what value our money will have tomorrow, or if we will be allowed to use it with anybody regardless of the country. We are not even sure if in the next minute we will have access to our own income. Thousands of bank accounts are closed daily with no explanation.

The centralized world system has so many flaws, especially because it isn’t run by competent individuals. Therefore, people demanded for independence of government and banks, hoping for a better life.

And that’s when The 1984 Group came to light – with Crypton!

What is Crypton?

The Crypton (CRP) cryptocurrency is what people may call “digital money”, but unlike those accessible with credit cards, it is a complete privacy coin. How so?

Crypton has been brought to life with the most promising technology from nowadays – the blockchain. As futuristic as it sounded back then, now you can be the only person who manages your income, due to the decentralized, distributed ledger system.

Your identity is secured by every data being encrypted. And besides independence of banks, it also makes your account less friable to hackers. This is mostly because it would require to control over 50% of the network, which is really expensive. It would not be worth it, as the “gains” would be inferior compared to the amount invested.

Crypton also came together with a Secure e-wallet that protects you even more. If hacking wasn’t already hard enough, note that this wallet is protected by multi-level encryption methods. They need more than just your private key to access your data – so consider yourself 100% safe.

In order to make Crypton the most stable currency with the lowest volatility, the team resorted to making some adjustments to the Proof-of Stake rate. Therefore, all the users are eligible to receive PoS rewards.

All the newly mined coins go to miners, but note that with the rise of Crypton’s popularity, the harder it will be to mine it. This is not a bad thing though, quite the opposite. It brings the future closer.

Why is CRP better than other cryptocurrencies?

Just by looking at the numbers, you can easily sense the potential of CRP – over 200K clients in less than a year, with over 400 new users daily. The coin can be used for everything, from trading to online shopping.

Its popularity is growing rapidly, so why are people so hyped over Crypton?

The answer is easy. Crypton is part of an entire ecosystem developed by The 1984 Group – Utopia P2P. It’s a huge step that aims for a perfect world, where security and confidentiality come first.

What is Utopia P2P?

It is not a novelty anymore that everything we do on the internet is turned into stored data. From what we had for dinner to confidential documents sent via email.

We talk face-to-face with our friends about something that caught our attention in the mall, and immediately after we turn on the phone, we see ads with the exact same product. We post a photo on Social Media and our partner is already tagged by Facebook.

There’s little to no privacy on the internet, so The 1984 Team came up with a solution for our own security concerns – Utopia.

Utopia is an impressive decentralized network, developed and designed with the aim of protecting our personal data and not only. In order to use it, we just need to download the program and will immediate have access to an ecosystem that centralizes everything we need:

    • An Email app;
    • An Online chat;
    • The Crypton Wallet;
    • The Mining option;
    • The Utopia P2P Network;
    • Multiplayer games - like chess or even Poker.

Such a great way to reconnect with your friends in times of Covid-19, right? And the best part - every feature of this software is completely incognito!

Your data will not be stored anywhere. This is the technological revolution that we needed for years! A way to escape from the control of the Tech Giants, whose power seemed to be unbeatable. We can still chat freely and explore the internet wonders, but now we don’t have to be afraid anymore that somebody will steal our identity or information.

We demanded privacy, we demanded freedom, and The 1984 Team gave us everything. Furthermore, the team can’t be manipulated by the government, because its identity is well hidden and it will remain so.


The last couple of years were sure something to bear, with people being treated like simple instruments by the world leaders in order to gain power. It is definitely exciting to know that we can finally have the freedom that was just an idea until now.

The Utopia is a very big project, whose team is genuinely concerned about people. As a proof, the team didn’t even ask for money. It is completely self-invested. The development doesn’t stop here, since it aims for a mobile application as well, and for the implementation of CRP in e-commerce.

With all of that being said, get your own private coin and be the new citizen of Utopia – the perfect world!

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