Bitterz Celebrates its International Launch - with Bitcoin Giveaway

Bitterz Celebrates its International Launch - with Bitcoin Giveaway

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After all the research and hard work, on the 1st November Bitterz is finally launching its services internationally. To celebrate, the company gives away $50 worth of Bitcoin to all their new users – with no charges.

What is Bitterz?

Bitterz is a MT5 Crypto CFD trading platform who supports up to 200x leverage. It was developed entirely by competent and efficient Japanese technical specialists. Their aim was to make a common financial instrument for fox trading out of cryptocurrencies.

In order to do that, not only do they provide multilingual support 24/7, but they also created a lot of features that help users become better traders. This will start a chain of events that will lead us to a safer and more independent world.

How? Very simple.

First, they help people become great crypto traders. That will make more people join the crypto experience. The crypto usability will increase and then it will have the same power as any other currency in the world.

What features does Bitterz have?

The team of Bitterz was focused on three main aspects while developing the platform:

    • The relationship with their clients;
    • The lack of crypto trading experience of newcomers;
    • The security of users’ funds.

Therefore, their key features are directly related to those three aspects – building a trustful network, safe and efficient.

24/7 dedicated support team

Right now the team’s members are fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean. Soon, more languages will be provided, so that users will feel comfortable and understood.

The team will answer to any kind of inquiry or troubleshooting, making sure that you have the best crypto experience.

Bitterz Demo Trade

This second feature is developed to help new crypto traders. With Bitterz Demo Trade, inexperienced crypto users can practice trading without a real deposit. It is also a great instrument for professionals, since they can try out the tools available before actually using the trading platform.

Negative Balance Protection

Knowing how volatile the crypto market is, some people are hesitant to work with blockchain technology, at least when it comes to trading. They don’t want to lose more than what they invested.

Especially for them, Bitterz offers negative balance protection on all accounts. Meaning that if somehow your account balance will become negative, it will be automatically adjusted to zero.

What are the benefits of their trading platform?

Bitterz’s trading platform works with the Meta Trader5 technology – a great tool known by professional traders from the entire world. It is available on all kinds of platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and tablets).

MT5 gives the availability of 21 timeframes, it’s fast and easy to use, making it perfect for crypto enthusiasts regardless of their trading experience.

Besides their high technologies and qualitative support, Bitterz also made its platform accessible to anyone – they promise to never charge you fees for withdrawals. All you’ve collected remains yours.

Now that you’ve heard what Bitterz can do for you, get your $50 worth of Bitcoin and enjoy the world of crypto trading!


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