SaTT Gets Surprise BW And Probit Listing 

SaTT Gets Surprise BW And Probit Listing 

It seems that there is no stopping the SaTT project which recently took the cryptocurrency industry by storm. Just weeks after it was announced that the SaTT token would be listed on UniSwap, the project has made another surprise announcement. This time, it is its listing on & Probit, some top premier cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. The project first gained widespread attention in the industry after its ICO raised $1 million in less than two days, then reached its soft cap target in less than a week and now more than $7 million. This was particularly impressive because the project is an ICO and the ICO market is largely considered to have seen a steep decline in the last few years.


SaTT Comes to

It was announced on September 22, 2020 that the SaTT token is now listed on BW exchange. Many remember BW as being one of the top mining pools within the cryptocurrency industry and it is now a well respected exchange. Now, those who want to make use of the SaTT token can do so on BW. The exchange listed the SaTT token as a SATT/USDT trading pair on September 24, 2020 at 18:00 (UTC + 8). Deposits then opened a day before on September 23, 2020, at 18:00 (UTC + 8). Finally, withdrawals were enabled on September 27, 2020, at 18:00 (UTC + 8). 


The token in question stands for smart advertising transaction token and it functions primarily as a utility token. The main aim of the token and the project itself is to streamline the process of buying advertising on the part of advertisers. The token is linked to an Ethereum-based app through which transactions between advertisers and influencers are governed by smart contracts. The use of the smart contract means that the effectiveness of campaigns can be determined easily, compensation can be given to the influencers with more transparency and security.


The way the effectiveness of campaigns and ROI are determined is done through oracles that retrieve all data from the third-party APIs of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on. All engagement with the content such as likes, shares, views and so on are evaluated and should a criteria be met, payments are triggered automatically from the advertisers wallet to those of the influencer. This eliminates delays in payments, disputes about authentic engagements and security issues.


SaTT So Far

So far, the SATT project has raised more than 7 million after raising unimpressive $3.360 million within its first week. This was particularly interesting because it was raised by an ICO which is a method of fundraising that was largely considered dormant within the cryptocurrency industry. Its success speaks to the faith that the public has in the project as well as its merits. Following this listing on BW, the management of both the exchange and the token itself have stated that they are excited for what is to come.



“The SaTT marketplace is going to disrupt and solve the problems of current advertising transactions with the blockchain,” declares Cathy Zhu, BW’s Global CEO. “We are looking forward to working with the SaTT team and introducing SaTT to more users.”


BW was founded in 2014 and acted as one of the largest mining companies in the world. It’s mining pool produces nearly 500,000 BTC tokens as well as 3 million LTC and nearly 1.5 million ETH, with a total value of over $5 billion. Needless to say, the SAT T token has found a suitable home.


There was also an official word from the management of SaTT.


 “SaTT is delighted to be partnering with BW to offer premium crypto exchange services for our community,” chimes in Gauthier Bros, SaTT CEO. “With 21 million registered users and 6 thousand daily active users, we are confident that BW can meet our liquidity needs and provide competitive market pricing for the SATT token. 


Following the tokens listing on both Uni swap and BW, we can expect to see more of the projects in the news in the near future.

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