How ADAMANT Messenger can help cryptocurrency projects: free Market making & Bounty bots

How ADAMANT Messenger can help cryptocurrency projects: free Market making & Bounty bots

New cryptocurrency projects face many challenges. ADAMANT helps to fight low trading volumes and conduct successful bounty campaigns.

Crypto trading & Market making bot in ADAMANT

It is no secret that 95% of the volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges are fake. If you have a cryptocurrency project and you have listed the token on a small or medium exchange, the trading volume will be 0—where can it come from if there is no volume even with top coins? Everyone loves numbers on coinmarketcaps, so users will not buy your token, and other exchanges will refuse to list it—the realities of life.

ADAMANT Trading and Market making bot is open source and free software, that allows running trades on crypto exchanges, make fake volume (wash trading) and build live-like dynamic order books. It runs on a server or virtual machine and managed right in ADAMANT Messenger chat.

To run a market making for your token, install and configure a bot.

Look how cool the dynamic trading works:

ADAMANT Bounty Bot

Bounty campaigns are the most effective way to attract attention to cryptocurrency projects. Usually, such campaigns are run by managers, and the campaigns’ terms are posted on forums like Bitcointalk. At the end of a bounty campaign, managers check whether the users have met the conditions and give bonuses accordingly. This method of conducting bounty campaigns is inconvenient for users and costly for owners of cryptocurrency projects.

ADAMANT Bounty Bot makes it easy to run bounty campaigns. There is no need to hire a manager, and members receive payments automatically and without delay.

The ADAMANT team made ADAMANT Bounty Bot specifically for cryptocurrency projects. It allows running bounty campaigns and airdrops interactively with automated payments.

  • Interactive and attractive. The bot is accessed via chat in ADAMANT Messenger.
  • Bounty campaigns on Twitter: following accounts and retweets with comments. User mentions in comments and hashtags.
  • Campaigns in ADAMANT: users bring other users to participate in a bounty campaign
  • Automated verification of completed tasks
  • Automated payments in ADM, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Free and open-source
  • Stored statistics
  • Campaign notifications via Slack or ADAMANT for admins

For an example of how a bounty bot works with payments in ADM and USDS, watch this one-minute video:

Moreover, you can try the bounty bot at work—send “Hi” to U1644771796259136854 and join in the official Bounty campaign from ADAMANT!

To run a bounty campaign for your project, install and configure the Bounty bot.

How much does it cost?

Any crypto project can take advantage of these tools for free. What’s more, the ADAMANT team will help small projects in configuring the bots—refer to the contact page.

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