CryptoDaily Statement 18th August 2020

CryptoDaily Statement 18th August 2020

Statement regarding team member activities

Late last week, the CryptoDaily community brought to our attention that a member of the senior team was engaging in their own ‘trading’ style operation.

Firstly, we want to thank the Community for bringing this to our attention. We know how precarious the Crypto industry can be. We hope you all know that part of our mission is to promote the wellbeing of the industry as a whole.

After conducting an investigation into these actives we can see that they maybe harmful to some members. Accordingly, we have prepared this information for our users.

CryptoDaily does not and has not supported the activities of this member. For security reasons, CryptoDaily does not support any projects which are not registered with an authority. Especially, in relation to trading or financial services.

These particular activities were undertaken by this individual of their own fruition and in their own personal capacity. CryptoDaily did not support, promote, or have any knowledge of these activities.

In order to protect our community, we have dismissed this individual from providing services to CryptoDaily. They no longer form part of our team. In the interest of transparency, we would highlight that this individual was a ‘contractor’ and so was not directly ‘employed’ by CryptoDaily. (This is common with startups in order to allow them to save funds and use team members in other countries).

To keep CryptoDaily safe, we will remove any suggestions or comments that CryptoDaily provided or was aligned with this service. Including, any suggestions which are designed to defame the CryptoDaily brand. We understand that some of the community have been impacted by this. However, we politely remind you that we will always protect the CryptoDaily brand from false accusations.

For guidance we always suggest the following when working with ‘financial professionals’.

1. Ensure that they hold a license and the necessary education/experience.
2. Always do your own due diligence on their work, history, and who you are working with.
3. Speak to experts such as Lawyers and Accountants to get more information on the risks.
4. Never be ‘induced’ by fancy or flashy documents.
5. Always demand a contract. When necessary, have your lawyer look at this.

You can always report unlicensed financial professionals to your financial regulator and/or local police force.

Please remember: anything that is a CryptoDaily service or product will always have the CD logo attached to it. You can always contact us or any of our team to verify legitimacy.

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