PEAK Token Growth by 300% by the end of 2020: Market Peak Reported About the Prospects of the DeFi Platform

PEAK Token Growth by 300% by the end of 2020: Market Peak Reported About the Prospects of the DeFi Platform

Often a key success factor while working with high-potential startups is an early entry into the projects at a stage of the private sale phase. Usually an access to this information is closed, and only some people are aware of the ICO / STO. Market Peak platform is an optimal solution that combines the interests of new projects in the AI, FinTech, blockchain spheres (etc). with some interested investors, buyers and partners.

About the platform

Market Peak team builds its own DeFi-platform. The company developers, who have more than
three years of experience regarding participation in FinTech projects, are constantly improving
and finalizing the sales protocol of tokenized assets.
Market Peak offers 3 products to investors:
• Investments in the instruments with return / yield that could be up to 200% per annum.
• Marketing plan, binar (binary program), bonus program.
• Personal Market Peak token.

Today, Market Peak coin is listed on the six cryptocurrency exchanges: P2PB2B, Vindax,
Coinsbit, Bibox, Probit, Uniswap.
As new customers are coming and profitability of the projects&products is increasing, the token
value grows on a daily basis, and it may rise 2-3 times by the end of 2020.

The company goal is to reach a price of $ 2 per token by the end of 2021 (now, it is equal to $0.12). The price may be equal to $ 10 by 2025.

Link for the registration in Market Peak

Furthermore, you could read information about some industry problems that Market
Peak solves, what this platform offers to its customers and how it is evolving.

Industry issues

Blockchain and high technologies spheres represent some problems that prevent new projects
and investors from finding each other.

Blockchain startups and companies

Often startups and projects, that are focused on FinTech, artificial intelligence, blockchain
technologies, cryptocurrency (etc.), are not able to attract enough investment for the
development due to the next reasons:
• Low-performing marketing.
• Lack of advertising opportunities.
• Focus lack on the product development.

Investors and potential clients

Therefore, investors, buyers and potential partners of such companies fail to establish
cooperation due to this:
• Lack of access to some exclusive conditions and prices of the products & projects.
• Lack of knowledge so that to be able to verify projects and a serious possibility of the
scam (it is a fraud when some company ceases to fulfill its obligations towards
• Need to go through KYC-phase consistently regarding every projet (Know Your
Customer : we are talking about the ability to establish a counterparty identity before the
• Lack of motivation in the form of bonuses for the project recommendation.

Market Peak platform is regarded as a solution that could allow to combine the interests of
companies and investors without mentioned problems. It provides projects with necessary
technical capabilities for implementation and it attracts a sufficient number of participants for
funding. Whereas, buyers, investors and partners receive the best marketing, quality training
and competent, comprehensive project reviews.

How does Market Peak function?

The platform works as follows: startups (ICO and STO projects, assets, signals, marketing and
educational solutions) attract investments or sell their products; investors purchase the PEAK
tokens and earn commissions & bonuses; its value depends on the investment volume and a
type of the client package.
Market Peak offers seven package solutions for registered users: ranging from “free” to
“Diamond”. Сost of the last one is equal to 15 000 (thousand) dollars in bitcoin equivalent.
Investors, who made their choice in favour of the free package called as “User”, receive 10% as
a direct reward, right to attend the platform webinars on a monthly basis, access to the
company training courses and events.
In addition to the preferences provided for all "Junior" packages, Diamond package buyers are
guaranteed with accommodation in a five-star hotel during the platform events, business
meetings with top managers, opportunity to purchase the PEAK tokens at current prices (at the
moment of package purchase), as well as some additional bonuses from minting coins
This platform guarantees to members of the investors, buyers & partners community
simultaneous KYC for all projects, early entry into projects at the stage of private sale, quality
control of projects published on the platform, maximum discount, audit and projects legal
compliance, referral bonuses and rewards.
You can find out an operation scheme of the cryptocurrency platform that is fully described in
the Company White Paper.

How the platform is evolving?

When project idea appeared and basic concept was formed, the PEAK tokens have
been listed on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges since December 2017 (,,; more than eight thousand active participants have joined the
community and five promising projects & products have been implemented.
The PEAK token cost was $ 0.06 by the end of 2019, and its targeted price should be $ 1.00 in
December 2020 (the growth of the token value should be on a level of 300% during 2020).
During the same period, the platform team plans to implement 10 projects&products.
Final stage of the Market Peak development is scheduled for November 2021. As a result :
decentralization of the platform and increase of the token value up to $ 2.00 ... $ 4.00.
You can find out more about the project development schedule on the official website.
The token minting procedure (coining) is designed for 32 months (the 1st stage is 12 months
and the 2nd stage = 20 months). All package buyers will be provided with special PEAK Minting
Software for rent. At the first stage, amount of the bonus remuneration (according to the type of
package) will range from 2.5 to 7% per month. The last 20 months of minting (coining) will bring
to members / subscribers 5% as a monthly reward (regardless of the package type).

Factors affecting the token value growth

Price of the PEAK token is influenced by number of users, profit from projects & products, token
usage activity, platform media coverage as well as introduction of the technological innovations.
The more investors, product buyers and partners are interested in profit and in attraction of the
new participants, the more actively startups develop theirs projects & products, so, it will have
the better effect towards all participants of the Market Peak platform. 

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