The risks for your cryptocurrency wallets are growing. How to deal with it

The risks for your cryptocurrency wallets are growing. How to deal with it

Operations with cryptocurrencies aroused interest, which in turn provoked the spread of malware to steal funds from user crypto-wallets. But whether it necessary to be a highly qualified hackers to do this? People buy, sell and exchange hacking programs that today represent the whole market. This is probably one of the reasons for the rapidly growing number of cybercrimes.

The capabilities of such programs are wide enough to rob ordinary users. They can intercept keyboard keystrokes and remember the title of the window in which the keystrokes occurred, intercept passwords from the clipboard, bypass or deactivate antivirus programs by converting executable files, for example, by encrypting and “littering” the executable file, changing entry points to procedures, and functions, as well as send the necessary files to electronic mailboxes of intruders.

The average price of such trojans that steal valuable user data called stealers is only about 10 dollars. This amount pays off many times because the stolen data costs from several tens of dollars, as in the case of passwords from mailboxes, social networks and portals, to several thousand dollars, when it comes to passwords from crypto-wallets and payment systems.

It is not surprising that the demand for hacking programs is almost three times higher than the supply. This suggests that interested parties are constantly looking for new schemes for committing crimes, new means for conducting and improving cyberattacks. This is why your cryptocurrency is at greater risk.

How to protect yourself from hackers?

But this state of affairs is not at all a sentence for cryptocurrency and your security. To protect yourself from the interest of hackers and the use of malware by ordinary attackers, you should take care of the anonymity of your cryptocurrency. If the cybercriminals do not have any data about you and your wallet, then they will not be helped by any programs for either hacking or tracking.

To protect your financial and information security, you can use one of the most reliable and proven BitMix.Biz crypto mixer for several years of operation. This is one of the few such services that will not only provide you with the highest level of Bitcoin anonymity using the built-in options, but can also guarantee you the safety of your digital money.

To ensure maximum confidentiality of your crypto transactions, BitMix.Biz includes the following features (read more in the FAQ):

- a variable mixing fee from 0.4% - 4%, which does not allow to track the transaction by its amount;

- randomization function;

- protection against getting to you your own coins;

- instant mixing due to the constantly mixing large pool of coins;

- a transaction deferred in time, which will not allow no one to track your coins by transaction time;

- automatic removal of logs about transactions that are stored only 72 hours in case of resolving contentious issues.

Reliability and safety of your crypto is ensured by:

- guarantee deposits on some sites, information about which you can get by writing us a request;

- the verification key 1BitmixQRMUHYYEi11KBRhSfACa1BtcZrZ, which will confirm the authenticity of our only site and domain, since the network already has many of our clones - be attentive and careful!

- working with many positive reviews, but without negative ones for several years;

Additional features:

- referral program, thanks to which you can become a partner and earn money with us;

- the presence of Bitcoin mixer API key that site owners can use to ensure security for payments of their customers.

You can use the video guide to learn how to deal with crypto mixer:

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