How Bitcoin May Change the Auto Industry

How Bitcoin May Change the Auto Industry

When you decide that it’s time to buy a new car, that’s a decision which usually comes with quite a bit of excitement. It’s going to be a big change and more than likely an improvement on what you’re currently driving.

But it never comes without its concerns and inconveniences. The end result of having a nice, new car to show off and having a much more comfortable, more efficient driving experience to what you were used to, isn’t something you get to without stress.

All of the formalities of trying to find a nearby dealership that has the right car for you, negotiating a fair price with an experienced and cunning car salesman, ensuring all of your documentation is in order, it’s a slow arduous process.

And it’s also a process that many people decide just isn’t worth it and they instead decide to stick to the motor that they’ve already got until it’s absolutely necessary for them to change to something that works.

And even then, they might not go for the car that they actually want. Instead of going through the whole rigmarole of finding a place that actually sells their desired car for a price that they can afford, they’ll just settle for whatever they can get. 

And when this happens it’s honestly a little bit of a shame. We all have our dream cars and I think a lot of us feel like it’s a dream that’s unattainable. But it shouldn’t have to be, especially not these days. 

We live in the age of the internet, and you might think that couldn’t be connected to cars in any meaningful way, but that’s the case. The reason for that is because of the rise of cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin being the most prominent of which, could be changing the cary-buying industry in a dramatic way and we are already seeing the earliest stages of that. There are a couple of sites that offer the service already.

What you’ll come to notice about these websites and the process of purchasing a car from them is how reduced the time and effort is. It becomes a relatively simple thing that you can do from the comfort of your own home and not have to worry about searching and negotiating.

The price is also likely to be affected and if you are to find a car which is located in a different country and needs to be shipped your way, that would normally cost a lot of money but it will be less so because of the reduced overall expense that bitcoin will allow for.

So if you want to buy a car using bitcoin, what are some of the best sites to check out? Well let’s have a look at a couple of them: is always a good place to start. This is a service that basically allows for you to search for any product that you’re after and find out the best marketplaces. You can find numerous car dealerships here and search them for your dream car. is a more specific option if you are just searching for cars. The goal behind this service is to curb the fact that many car dealers are unaware of the benefits of cryptocurrency and ill-equipped to factor it into their transactions.

But Auto Coin Cars has a large team of crypto specialists as well as automotive specialists and works specifically to provide cars using exclusively bitcoin. This is probably the biggest and most reliable company for this particular service. puts the power in the hands of the seller. It’s similar in a way to a site such as Craigslist, as it’s ad-based. The seller will post ads that you can browse through and you can use a variety of different filters to focus on things like location, model, and price. is for those who want to truly maximise the potential of purchasing cars using bitcoin. This is where you can find a massive selection of exotic cars and ensures that you can get an extremely reasonable deal on your choice.

If you are able to find a rare car nearby, chances are you aren’t going to be able to afford it unless you are a high-earner or you get really lucky. Bitcar aims to connect owners of rare vehicles around the world to potential buyers. 

You have several different options here that you can use to try and find the car that’s right for you. And then once you’ve got a handle on the process of buying using bitcoin, there’s even more possibilities beyond that.

You could even angle this to generate some income of your own. Think about something like flipping cars. A process through which you buy used cars, fix them up if needs be and then sell them on yourself.

Imagine how much money you could make doing that, if you buy the cars using bitcoin and taking advantage of the lower price that comes with that. Flipping cars would be significantly more lucrative. 

So many industries are going to be inexorably altered by the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the auto industry is no exception. The shift is going to be massive and the best time for you to cash in on it is right now.

If you do have your eyes on a car that you’ve always wanted but are unsure if you can go through the stress of buying or if you can even afford, look through these sites and see if bitcoin can help you along the way.

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